Book a Visit

How to book a visit:

1. In accordance with the spirit of the central government's instructions on normalizing epidemic prevention and control, and in accordance with the unified deployment of Beijing's epidemic prevention and control work, the Beijing National Ceramic Art Museum held the "2020 International Ceramics Society New Member Works Exhibition". During the exhibition, free tickets will be implemented, and online appointments, telephone appointments, and on-site ticket collection methods will be adopted;

2. Online reservation daily open limit of 4 reservation tickets. The appointment is based on the real-name system. Please provide the real name, contact information, and second-generation ID number of the person making the appointment. After the reservation is successful, please present your valid certificate to the reservation window of Beijing Junior High Ceramics Art Museum to receive a free visit ticket within the reservation time. You cannot visit after the expiry date. Please change the appointment in time if there is any situation;

3. At present, reservations can only be made through the two official channels of the WeChat public account "National Ceramic Art Museum" and the business phone in the museum. Please be sure to avoid delaying your itinerary;

4. Online appointment method: please follow the WeChat public account "Junior Middle School Ceramic Art Museum" to communicate and make an appointment online;

5. Telephone appointment method: please call the commercial telephone in the museum to make an appointment at 010-84015549, 15611787179;

6. The opening hours of Beijing Junior High School Ceramic Art Museum are from 10:00 to 17:00 daily (no admission at 16:00);

7. For the health of you and others, please cooperate with the staff to accept the original valid ID card, appointment code, health code inspection and temperature test. Persons with abnormal physical conditions such as abnormal information or temperature exceeding 37.3 degrees (inclusive) are declined. Admission

Wish you a happy visit!