The purpose of this forum is:

Inherit the Song Dynasty Ding Kiln culture, approach the essence of Song Dynasty Ding Kiln ceramic art, study the creation technology of Song Dynasty Ding Kiln Sanskrit ware, explore Song Dynasty Ding Kiln porcelain glaze color varieties, master the Song Dynasty Ding Kiln porcelain craftsmanship, aiming at the ancient ceramics collection circles Some misunderstandings in the understanding of Dingyao porcelain, and the thematic summit forum and specimen exhibition organized by Anmen.

5 highlights of this forum:

1. This is my country's first high-level, all-round, multi-angle integrated seminar and real-time presentation, and the topic reflects the high-level academic seminar held by the Song Dynasty Dingyao culture.

2. The famous scholars, experts, researchers and dozens of generations of Ding kilns in my country engaged in the research of Ding kilns of the Song Dynasty (old generation inheritors and other famous artists gathered together to analyze the essence of the last Ding kiln culture from multiple angles and directions; uncover the Song Dynasty Many unsolved mysteries of Ding Kiln porcelain;

3. The Song Dynasty Ding Kiln Porcelain, Plants, and Kiln Furniture Boutique Exhibition will fully display the standard utensils of the Song Dynasty Ding Kiln ceramic culture system, display the full-color glaze color system of the Song Dynasty Ding Kiln porcelain, especially the first time the Song Dynasty Ding Kiln porcelain is exhibited. , Engraving, printing art craft tools, molds and other specimens; this is a rare exhibition;

4. Thematic trap seat: In order to allow everyone to accurately and objectively learn the cultural system of Ding kiln ceramics and master the key points and principles of Ding porcelain collection, in conjunction with this exhibition, it is scheduled for August 27th from 14:00 to 16.30 pm, specially invited to appraise my country's famous ancient ceramics. The writer and critic Jing Zhizhong gave a special lecture on "A Survey of Ding Kiln Porcelain in China".

5. Participants have high level, strong professionalism and wide scope. Participants in this forum include not only old seniors in my country’s cultural and museum circles, but also famous scholars in ancient ceramics research and education, as well as many years of experience in the field of ancient ceramics collection. They have a wealth of practical experience and solid foundations. , The practical faction of profound theoretical level

The significance of this forum: the establishment of Dingyao senior management in Song Dynasty

An academic exchange platform, a senior domestic artist who has long been engaged in the research of Dingke kiln porcelain as historical materials tells the essence of Ding kiln porcelain culture, art, and craftsmanship in the Song Dynasty: establishing an accurate Ding kiln porcelain Liuhua system, and promoting ancient ceramic collection institutions and collectors The Ding Kiln porcelain culture of the Song Dynasty established a correct concept, avoid blindly and avoid detours in the process of ancient ceramics collection, and embark on a rational, healthy and scientific collection. This forum is the third act of the breast ceramics collection committee to open my country's ancient ceramics to "rational collection". After the forum, a series of special forums on different topics will be held on many issues that Tibetan friends are concerned about in the process of ancient ceramics collection And exhibition.

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