The first "Chinese Ancient Porcelain Collection Exhibition" kicked off on April 2, 2016 at the Beijing Junior High Ceramic Art Museum!

The main theme of this event is "Rational Collection". It is a special exhibition organized mainly for some misunderstandings in the collection of ancient ceramics in my country in recent years. Make Tibetans soberly understand the achievements and problems of ancient ceramics collection in China, understand the classification standards of China's ceramics collection system, promote ancient ceramics collection institutions and collectors to establish correct concepts for ancient ceramics collection, and avoid blindness and less travel in the process of ancient ceramics collection Detours, inherit the Chinese ceramic collection culture, advocate rational collection, return to tradition, and master the comprehensive value of ancient Chinese ceramics in a deep level, and play a role in the collection of ancient ceramics; embark on the collection road of knowledge, rationality, taste and culture, and collect To the truly valuable ancient ceramics.

This exhibition is the second act of my country's ancient ceramics moving towards rational collection. The Ceramics Collection Committee will also conduct a series of special seminars and exhibitions on different topics on the many issues that Tibetan friends are concerned about and concerned in the process of ancient ceramics collection. The collections exhibited this time are the second category in the "Classification Standard of China Ceramic Collection System".

It is a collection of 30 ancient ceramics and specimens from the Shang Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty after repeated selection and collection across the country. The exhibition period of high ancient porcelain works is from April 2, 2016
A total of ten days from the opening ceremony on April 11th to the end of April 11th, 2016. At 2 pm on April 9th, Director Jing Zhizhong was specially invited to give a lecture on "The Cultural and Artistic Value of Chinese Ancient Porcelain". The collection of ancient ceramics is welcome during the exhibition. Fans come to visit.

On the opening day, Mr. Jing Zhizhong, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Collectors Association and Director of the Ceramic Collection Committee, will give a passionate speech and speech on the positioning and significance of this exhibition, as well as the current status and future development of my country’s ancient ceramic collections. , my country's relevant guests engaged in ancient ceramics research and collection will also focus on their respective professional fields at different levels.

This exhibition has three highlights:

1. According to the "Chinese Ceramics
The second category in the "Porcelain Collection System Classification Standard", and a thematic boutique exhibition.

The main classification content of "China Ceramic Collection System Classification Standard" is:
The first category: ancient Chinese pottery
The second category: high ancient porcelain (Shang Dynasty-Tang Dynasty)
The third category: Song Dynasty porcelain (including Liao and Jin)
The fourth category: Yuan Dynasty porcelain
The fifth category: Ming Dynasty porcelain
The sixth category: Qing Dynasty porcelain
The seventh category: Republic of China porcelain
The eighth category: Cultural Revolution porcelain and porcelain used by Chairman Mao Zedong
The ninth category: modern and contemporary porcelain
The tenth category: modern and contemporary pottery

Two or thirty typical pieces of ancient porcelain from various periods.

3. Director Jing Zhizhong gave a special lecture on "The Cultural and Artistic Value of Chinese Ancient Porcelain".

This exhibition has received strong support from Beijing National Ceramic Art Museum, China Ceramic Industry Association, International Art Exchange Committee of China Tibet Association, and relevant provincial and municipal collectors’ associations, and has received selfless assistance from ceramic collectors and academia from all over the world. At that time, people from all walks of life will come to give guidance and join in the grand event!

Ceramic Collection Committee of China Collectors Association
China Ceramic Industry Association
Beijing Junior High Ceramic Art Museum
April 2, 2016

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