The first "Chinese Ancient Ceramics Collection Summit Forum and Ancient Ceramics Collection Exhibition" kicked off on December 26-27, 2015 in Beijing National Ceramic Art Museum!

The purpose of this event is to focus on the collection of ancient ceramics in my country in recent years-a special summit forum organized by some misunderstandings. Make Tibetans soberly understand the achievements and problems of ancient ceramics collection in my country, promote ancient ceramics collection institutions and collectors to establish correct concepts for ancient ceramics collection, avoid blindness and avoid detours in the process of ancient ceramics collection, inherit Chinese ceramics collection culture, and advocate Collect rationally, return to tradition, make the public realize the true value of ancient Chinese ceramics, and play the role of clearing the source of ancient ceramics in the future; embark on the road of knowledge, rationality, taste, and culture to collect to the truly valuable Ancient ceramics.

This forum is the first scene of my country's ancient ceramics moving towards rational collection. Next year, the Ceramic Collection Committee will conduct a series of special seminars and exhibitions on different topics on the many issues that Tibetan friends are concerned about and concerned about in the process of ancient ceramics collection.

Participants in this forum include not only old seniors in the field of ancient ceramics research in my country’s cultural relics, well-known scholars in the education field, but also many years of experience in the field of ancient ceramics collection. They have a lot of rich practical experience and profound solidity. Practicalists at the theoretical level, as well as friends from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions in the collection circle.

In conjunction with this forum, 50 ancient ceramic specimens and collections of various periods have been repeatedly selected and collected throughout the country, so that the participants can obtain greater gains in combination with actual conditions. The exhibition of ancient ceramics works from December 26, 2015 to January 3, 2016. During the exhibition, lovers of ancient ceramics are welcome to visit.

On the opening day, Mr. Jing Zhizhong, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Collectors Association and Director of the Ceramic Collection Committee, will deliver an enthusiastic speech on the positioning and significance of this forum, as well as the current status and future development of ancient ceramic collections in my country, and other core content that the Tibetan community cares about. Speech: Chinese guests engaged in ancient ceramics research and collection will also focus on their respective professional fields at different levels.

Another highlight of this forum is: The Ceramic Collection Committee of the China Collectors Association promotes the modern Jun porcelain art of the motherland on the road of high-quality products, promotes the long-standing traditional Jun porcelain culture, cultivates outstanding young Jun porcelain artists, and creates contemporary art The works are handed down from generation to generation. For this reason, after strict selection and recommendation, nine contemporary Jun porcelain creation artists of De Yi Shuangxin were selected and established in this forum. "China Jun Porcelain Fine Art by Ceramic Collection Committee of China Collectors Association Creation Center". According to "China Modern and Contemporary Art Ceramics Collection Exquisite Evaluation Standards", more outstanding works will be created for the motherland.

This forum and exhibition received strong support from Beijing National Ceramic Art Museum, China Ceramic Industry Association, International Art Exchange Committee of China Tibet Association and relevant provincial and municipal collectors’ associations, and received selfless support from ceramic collectors and academic circles from all over the world , Looking forward to the guidance of people from all walks of life at that time, and join in the grand event!

Ceramic Collection Committee of China Collectors Association
December 26, 2015

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