Chen Yanglong
Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts
The 6th Chinese Arts and Crafts Master Judge
National Intangible Cultural Heritage Liling Underglaze National Representative Inheritor of Multicolored Porcelain Firing Techniques

(1941-2013), from Liling, Hunan. After graduating from elementary school at the age of 13, he followed his father Chen Hua to learn how to make kilns. At the age of 15, he entered the Hunan Ceramic Research Institute and learned underglaze multicolored art from the master Wu Shouqi. He has 57 years of art and is known for his fine brushwork flowers.

He carried out technical innovations of "painting in India" and "painting in inkjet", which improved the efficiency by nearly a hundred times, and laid the foundation for mass production of underglaze multicolored daily-use porcelain. In 1958, he published and voted in the Workers’ Daily The title of "Innovative Expert". From 1973 to 1976, it took three years to complete the task of "Under-glaze Color Standard Research" issued by the Ministry of Light Industry, and conducted experimental research on more than 200 kinds of underglaze pigments, 6 kinds of shaft materials, 2 kinds of mud materials, and 6 kinds of cellar types. The multi-color under the axis has laid an important theoretical basis and physical reference. Since the early 1960s, the traditional water separation technique has been continuously explored. After more than 30 years of painstaking research, the original water separation technique of "thin application and light dyeing" has been created. The characteristics of moisture and transparency are different from the heavy decorative style of traditional Liling porcelain, forming a unique "Yanglong thin color", and its personal style of calmness and introspection is known as "Zen in flowers and plants." At the same time. This technique has been comprehensively promoted in the Liling porcelain industry, and has formed the mainstream style of contemporary multicolored porcelain under the meal. Up to now, more than 300 apprentices have been granted, and some students have won the title of provincial ceramic master and national master.

He has participated in the production of porcelain for Chairman Mao's daily life and has undertaken the design of national porcelain for many times. The 1 meter "Autumn Beauty" wall plate he produced is displayed in the Hunan Hall of the Great Hall of the People, "Lotus Pattern Tableware", "Peony Stationery) Selected as a porcelain for national leaders, and 6 works including "Tea Vase", "Furong Vase", "Peony Vase", (Bitter Melon Vase), etc. were displayed in Ziguang Pavilion, Zhongnanhai. They were invited to participate in more than 20 countries and regions. Exhibition. CCTV "National Treasure Archives" once conducted an exclusive interview with it and broadcasted the program "Colors under the Axis and Chen Yanglong". In 2012, it was voted by the Ministry of Culture for the first Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor "Salary Award". By National Culture "The Complete Works of Chinese Craft Wushu Master Chen Yang Longchun" edited by the Ministry was published in 2014.

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