Qinzhou Nixing pottery has a history of more than 1,300 years. Its pottery is as gentle and bright as jade, its shape is dignified and steady like a bronze, and its sound is beautiful and moving like a chime. The Ni Xing Tao with a long history is deep in the boudoir and is not widely known.

The China Ceramic Industry Association and Guangxi Qinzhou Municipal People's Government jointly organized the theme of "Millennium Kiln Fire, Legendary Nixing-Guangxi Qinzhou Ni Xing Pottery (Beijing) Exhibition". The exhibition is from Guangxi Qinzhou Ni. Fine ceramics made by many masters in the arts and crafts industry in Xingtao. This is the first professional exhibition with the widest variety, the most exhibited works, and the finest creations and selected works held by the Guangxi Qinzhou Nixing pottery industry in the capital Beijing. This exquisite exhibition has not only the works of older ceramic masters, but also the achievements of middle-aged provincial and municipal masters and young talents in Nixing.

Today, Ni Xing Tao has entered a golden age of great development with the pace of the times. The works of the potters not only inherit the tradition, but are also full of vitality and modernity. Strive to pursue the quintessence of our national thought, culture, and spirit, and show the unique charm of the wonderful mud and pottery in front of the world!

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