China, South Korea, and Japan are close neighbors facing each other across the sea. Since ancient times, they have had deep roots and close exchanges in culture and art. Each of the three countries has a long history of porcelain making. The people learn from each other and learn from each other. , And jointly created a splendid East Asian civilization. At the moment, the main body, content and form of cultural exchanges between China, South Korea and Japan are becoming more and more abundant. The ceramic design exchange exhibition with the theme of "New Trends in Asian Ceramics" has selected nearly 100 pieces from 48 artists from China, South Korea and Japan. The exhibition of works aims to encourage artists to cross different cultural backgrounds, design with more diversified thinking, and interpret the beauty of life. At the same time, it also builds a bridge of friendship through the new collision and integration of the art of the three countries, and promotes common prosperity and prosperity in the future. development of.

Beijing Junior High Ceramic Art Museum is China’s premier ceramic art palace and an important window for international cultural exchanges. It has always been committed to promoting artistic exchanges and cultural mutual learning between different countries, and advocates and leads the new creation of contemporary ceramic art with boutiques and classics. trend. China, South Korea, and Japan are geographically close to each other, and they share cultural traditions of the same origin. They have made their own unique contributions to the development of world civilization. In the future, we will also join hands with artists from the three countries, continue to develop in-depth cooperation and exchanges, and present more and better works to everyone.

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Participating Artists