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Li Youyu

Artist's Work

Bamboo-hat-shaped White Porcelain Bowl

    Artist Biography

    Li Youyu, the founder of Hanguang Porcelain
    Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts
    Chinese ceramic art master
    Associate Dean and Professor, School of Fashion Design, Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts
    Chairman of Hanguang Ceramics Enterprise

    Social duties:
    President of Shanghai Chinese Ceramic Artists Association
    Executive Director of China Arts and Crafts Association
    Vice President of Shanghai Alumni Association of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts
    Honorary Dean, College of Ceramics, Henan Pingdingshan University
    Chinese Culture and Art Tutor, University of Manchester

    With its "excellent quality, exquisite craftsmanship, innovative spirit, and brand-new artistic outlook", Hanguang Porcelain, which was researched by the team led by Li Youyu, has refreshed the record of various indicators of Chinese ceramics, and is in the two fields of ceramic research and original design. The achievements have been remarkable, with more than 400 national invention, utility model and appearance design patents, and more than 40 national awards at all levels.

    Approved by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai Science and Technology Information Center Station: Hanguang Porcelain is the world's leading manufacturer; the Palace Museum's demonstration meeting concluded that Hanguang Porcelain surpassed the level of official kiln porcelain making skills of the past dynasties, and contributed to the inheritance and development of Chinese official kiln culture. Contribute.

    Li Youyu's Hanguang porcelain works have been customized by national gifts and foreign embassies for many times, and he has undertaken the design and production of porcelain for state banquets. His representative works are collected by the National Museum, National Art Gallery, National Treasure Hall, and Ziguang Pavilion of the State Council.

    In modern Chinese ceramic art, he is unique, rigorous in style, pursuing the aesthetic spirit of scholar-officials, and the humanistic feelings of both elegance and common appreciation. He has made a new chapter for reshaping the world image of Chinese ceramics.