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Li Wei

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          Artist Biography

          LI Wei, also named Da Wei.Dean and associate professor of Fashion School of Wuxi Institute of Technology, member of UNESCO IAC International Ceramic Art Association, Master of Chinese Ceramic Design, senior Arts and Crafts artist, master of Jiangsu Ceramic Art.

          When he was young, Professor Li once studied in Yixing Ceramic Industry School and Zhejiang Academy of Art ( now known as China Academy of Art )  and graduated from Nanjing University of the Arts. He has engaged in arts creation for more than twenty years. He frequently takes part in the international and domestic exhibitions and academic forums and has been to different countries such as Australia, Britain as a visiting scholar. Fascinated by Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy and attached to Zisha ceramic arts, Professor Li keeps a watchful eye on a wild range of artistic forms with a special perspective. His works are characterized by the refined shape and profound cultural meaning.