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Ted Secombe

Artist's Work

Summer Rain

    Artist Biography

    Ted Secombe – Artist Statement

    My work has a continuing evolution based on sustained studio practice spanning over 40 years. This year, 2020 has presented opportunity to develop both the environment in which I live and a more focussed effort in producing work of different visual appeal.

    The continued exploration and use of a glaze genre informs in itself and allows for a subtle evolution of possibilities that can be expanded over time.

    I have never been one to settle into a comfortable or safe production process and continue to experiment with firing procedures and chemical nuances.

    I will often multi-fire works to advance the glaze surface appeal and this while mostly successful does result in losses.

    My work is solely concerned with beauty, I believe work that needs to be supported with large volumes of rhetoric or art speak can be found wanting. A successful work has its own dialogue.

    Studio practice involves not only exploration of glaze but research into how these glazes respond when used on different porcelains. Currently I use combinations of Japanese, Chinese and Australian porcelains. Variation in glaze response can be quite dramatic when using different porcelains.

    Some wheel thrown and altered pieces are being added to my production regime.