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Maria Helena Saparolli

Artist's Work


    Artist Biography


    One of the most respected and renowned Brazilian ceramic artists of her generation, Maria Helena Saparolli was born on 26 February 1955, in Curitiba, Brazil, where she lives and works. Graduated on Fine Arts with a major in Plastic Arts at the University of Arts of Paraná, in 1984, she has been working on her creations in her private studio since 1989. Her extensive resume includes decades (1998-2012) of ceramic and glass teaching at the Fundação Cultural de Curitiba  Sculpture Atelier.   

    Considered one of the “greatest revelations of Ceramics in the state of Paraná”, she has been quoted as “one of the most original ceramicists of the 90’s” according to the art critic Adalice Araujo in her Dictionary of Plastic Arts of Paraná.
    Her professional journey includes Collective and Solo Art  Exhibitions as well as Artistic Residencies abroad, receiving national and international awards and recognition. 
    Although Maria Helena Saparolli works with different materials such as glass and bronze, ceramics continues to be her preferred working material and way of self-expression.

    Major Exhibitions:

    FLICAM Artistic Residency: American Museum and Museum’s Gardens -China. Kian Qujiang FueTao Ceramic Art Museum -Xi’an- China.                                  

    13th Exchange Ceramic Symposium - Argentina. Red Art Center Gallery - India. Ybakatu Art Gallery. Zuleika Bisacchi Art Gallery. Brazil.
    III Cluj International Ceramic Bienalle- Romein.
    Fire Signal Exhibition - Brazil.
    Taishan Ceramic Factory Permanent Collection/ Ceramic Glass Art Museum- China. 
    National Ceramic  Exhibition. Sculptors Collective Exhibition - Brazil.
    15°Paraná Ceramic Exhibition.
    Solo Sculpture Exhibition - Victor Kursancew Art Gallery - Brasil. 14°  Paraná Ceramic Exhibition.
    Solo Sculpture Exhibition 
    4th Sculptures Exhibition -Turin Award .13° Paraná Ceramic Exhibition - Award Solo Sculpture Exhibition- Paraná Contemporary Art Museum.                              1996-1° Shows South Brazilian Ceramic Art.                                                 
    3° Antonina Sea Salon- Award. 2nd João Turin Sculpture Exhibition . 19° Jacarezinho Plastic Arts Exhibition – Award.