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Zhang Wenzhi

Artist's Work

Beautiful as Flawless Jade

    Artist Biography

    Wenzhi Zhang

    Wenzhi Zhang, Professor at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Distinguished Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institutedeputy director of the School of Art and Design; Seoul National University of Science and Technology Ph.D; postdoctoral scholar at Dongbang Culture Graduate University in Seoul; ceramicist, sculptor, lacquer artist, author. Published works include A Study on Public Art Systems Theory, New Mankind, Contemporary Ceramic Art and Design, The World of Lacquer, Duality: Stoneware and Bronze, Art of Modern Materials, Clay Class, etc. Zhang served as the head of Ceramics Department at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and set up the ceramics workshop and studio. She was also a professor at Lake Superior College in Minnesota, U.S.A. Zhang's extensive exploration in the fields of lacquer, stoneware, and public art has led to a unique artistic style that won numerous international awards. Aside from private collections by prominent figures such as Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Amy Todd Middleton, former global marketing director of Sothebys, her lacquer and sculpture works are also collected by renowned public institutions such as the National Art Museum of China, National Gallery of Norway, National Museum of Malaysia, and Asia Art Museum of New York.

    Wenzhi Zhang Sculpture Garden opened to the public in June 2015 as the first New York City public sculpture garden named after a Chinese artist. Zhang received recognition from the Assembly State of New York and the US Congress, as well as "Outstanding Contribution Award" from New York City Council in April 2016.