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Adam Chau

Artist's Work

A Little Bird Told Me

    Work introduction

    Statement: The production of objects has moved from using analog tools powered exclusively using the hands, to computer-generated output where automated machines perform functions void of the human. In terms of contemporary object making, computer aided technology has dominated how we think and make decisions. My body of work explores how we can introduce the human hand in computer-controlled environments; in my current work this takes form by putting handmade brushes in a CNC machine to make spontaneous and gestural surfaces in ceramics. This methodology hybridizes craft, design, and art, where I can blend and utilize strengths of all industries.  

    Artist Biography

    Ashwini Bhat, an artist based in Petaluma, California, holds an M.A degree in literature and anearlier career in classical Indian dance. She studied ceramics with American expatriate Ray Meeker inPondicherry, India.

    Bhat’s work explores the deep relationship between the human and non-human, between the constructed and the inherent. She often introduces radical but somehow familiar forms to suggest the complex connection between the sculptural and the human body.

    Her work has been exhibited nationally & internationally in, among others, The Lacoste/Keane Gallery, Cavin-Morris Gallery, Cohen Gallery/Brown University, the American Jazz Museum, the Newport Art Museum; Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (Japan) India Art Fair (India), FuLe International Ceramic Art Museum (China); Woodfire Tasmania (Australia). Her sculpture also has been widely reviewed and featured in Brooklyn Rail (USA), Lana Turner: a Journal of Poetry and Opinion

    (USA), Riot Material (USA), Ceramic Art and Perception (USA/Australia),, Ceramics Ireland (Ireland), New Ceramics (Germany), Caliban (USA), Crafts Arts International (Australia), The Studio Potter (USA), Logbook (Ireland), and Ceramics Monthly (USA).