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Antoinette Badenhorst

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    My porcelain work is all about movement and
    color. Circles created by a spinning ballerina,
    endless waves rolling out to the beach and swirling
    leaves. Circles turn into cycles, from early sunrise
    to fading sunsets, from early buds of flowering trees
    to waving grass that turns yellow at the end of the season, from anticipation
    during pregnancy to the sadness at death. These life cycles, as it spill over
    into seasons not only in nature, but also in people’s lives and finally in the
    different stages of my work are all examples of things that inspire me.
    I studied the history and character of porcelain and therefore use the quality,
    mystique, temperament and mood of the “Diva of clay" to develop and
    magnify her reputation by showing the beauty of whiteness combined with
    glowing translucency and burst of color.
    In the creative process lay movement and when it finally moves from my
    hand to yours, it makes us both smile.
    Process: wheel thrown and/ or hand built or press molded objects are formed
    and trimmed to become translucent. From there I alter the work and carve
    signature marks to obtain light and shadow in thin sculptural bowls. Some
    pieces become imbedded in a sculpted base, while others dance on its own
    foot rim.

    Artist Biography


    Biography Antoinette Badenhorst for exhibition – January 2020
    Antoinette was born in Johannesburg South Africa, and raised in Namibia, a
    semi-desert part of Southern Africa.
    Her pottery career started in 1981 when she took a basic pottery class. In
    1986 her work began to appear in art galleries and in 1992 Antoinette’s
    work was selected for a juried exhibition. She won the award for non
    functional pottery in the Association of Potters, Northern Transvaal annual
    competition in 1995. Since then to this day she had opportunities to show
    her work in different galleries and museums, shows and festivals across
    South Africa, the USA, Canada, several countries in Europe as well as in
    In 1999 she and her family moved to the United States of America where
    she obtained permanent residency for her and family with her
    “extraordinary ability in the field of ceramics”. Today she is living and
    working in the USA, while teaching pottery online and from her own studio.
    A potter for almost 40 years, she exhibits her work and teach ceramics in
    many countries across 4 continents. She won several national and
    international awards, while she keeps pushing the limits of porcelain. Her
    work is in several private and museum collections.
    Finding herself on the edge of new discoveries all the time she began to
    build a strong profile educating people about porcelain in various countries
    across the world in workshops, presentations, technical reviews and
    research articles published widely in national and international books and
    Antoinette is involved on many fronts in the ceramic field, while she juries
    and curate art shows from time to time. Her book “Working with Porcelain”,
    was released in 2019.
    She and her husband founded the TeachinArt Online School of Art in 2014.
    The school is growing steadily