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Jane Norbury

Artist's Work

Sculpture for Two Hands

    Work introduction

    My ceramic sculptures deal with movement in space, the body’s displacement and the materiality of clay. I seek to reach something quite archaic, unnameable perhaps, a reminder that we once emerged from the sea and are still mostly liquid, that we are fluid beings and remain in constant motion. Almost all living organisms require the movement of liquid to grow, however minimal that might appear from the outside.

    My relationship with clay is very physical; lifting, pushing, and folding the clay, working from the inside out, so the walls become skins and the forms, while remaining abstract, appear to have an inner life at once familiar and strange. The act of making is a dialogue with the clay, where neither the maker nor the matter is completely in control; the hand does not leave its mark, it’s the energy of the movement that rests. Worked when the clay is wet and malleable, the pieces retain an appearance of softness and fluidity; however I have often seen people involuntarily touch them to confirm that they are indeed transformed by fire to stoneware.

    The organic form of the piece shown here, was created from a single striated and folded slab of clay, the impressed grooves were then filled with white slip, allowing the graphic lines to emphasise the feeling of movement. It was reduction fired to 1100°


    My work encompasses sculpture, site specific installation, and performance, using found earth and fired clay alike.  It explores a physical relationship with space, and often has a strong connection to nature.


    I have exhibited widely in France and Britain, and also in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA.

    Artist Biography

    Ceramicist and sculptor born in 1958 in the UK

    Lives and works in Saisy, France

    Member of the International Ceramic Academy


    Main exhibitions

    2020   Peut Etre Galerie, F solo

                Galerie Adrienne D, BE

    2019   Korean International Ceramic Biennale, Korea

     C14 Paris, F                         

    2018   Galerie Collection, Paris, F

                 Installation Danse Festival, Ourense, ES

    2017   TimeLines, Grand site de Bibracte et Musée Archéologique, F

                 Ceramic Event 8, Brussels, BE

                 Galerie 48, Lyon, F

    2016   Biennale de la Céramique Contemporaine, Chantemerle lès Grignan, F           

                 L’Eau touche la terre, Eglise de Cortiambles, Art Image, Chalon sur Saône, F

                 Céramique 14, Paris, F

    2015   Corps Sensibles, L’ARC Scène Nationale Le Creusot, F

                 Hors Socle, Centre Céramique Giroussens, F

                 Vivre Le Lieu,  Parcours d’art contemporain, Ozenay, F

                 De couleur et de terre…, Le Grand Galerie Savasse, F

    2014   White Stream, Cambo House, Scotland, RU   

    2013   Strates, Espace Gainville, Aulnay Sous Bois, F

                 Les Journées de la Céramique, St Sulpice, Paris, F

    2012   Galerie Nadia B, solo, Dieulefit, F

    2011   Jardin d’été, Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris, F

                 Biennale de la Céramique Contemporaine, Châteauroux, F       

    2010   Objects Gently Modified, Eglise de Cortiambles, Art Image, Chalon-sur-Saône, F

    2009   Conférence sans Paroles, Rencontres Artistiques, Saulieu, F

    2008    transiTERRE  Centre d’Art Contemporain Vaste et Vaque, CA       

    2007    Jardins à Suivre Parc Naturel de Lorraine et Luxembourg, F

    2006    Kwekerij Oudolf, De Hummelo, NL

    2005    WATCHING MUD DRY, Usine de Danfoss Socla, Chalon-sur-Saône, F

                 Traces de Feuilles, Parc de la Tête d’Or, Lyon, F

    2003    l’Art est dans les jardins, Mont Saint Vincent, F

    1991    Greywalls Garden Exhibition, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, RU

    1987–1991 Hannah Peschar Gallery and Sculpture Garden, RU    

    1991    Têtes Brûlées, Canary Wharf, London, RU

    1988    Under One Roof, South London Art Gallery, RU

    1987    Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, RU

    1981    Terres, Terres, Centre Pompidou, Paris, F


    Public and private collections

     Shigaraki Museum of Ceramic Art, Japan and many private collections


    Residencies and awards

    2018   Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Colorado USA

    2013   Residency in Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan

    2008   Contemporary Art Center Vaste et Vaque, Gaspesie, Canada