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Anne Butler

Artist's Work

On the Edge

    Work introduction

    There is much reminiscent of archaeology, geology and architecture in my work which explores
    relationships between process, material and time. The sculptures are inspired by natural and
    manmade structures and are constructed - layered - deconstructed - collapsed or excavated to
    reveal associations between cultural and individual memory as well as contrasting qualities of
    strength and fallibility.
    My working method is intrinsically connected to the act of making and the endless
    experimentation with the changing state of clay. Past work has used unfifired clay and Egyptian
    paste but for the past 4 years I have worked with parian porcelain. Parian has a satin, marble-like
    quality when solid and a delicacy and translucency when thin. Connections are transformed into
    tangible ideas as the porcelain is cast, poured, incised, dried, printed, constructed,
    deconstructed, slumped, fifired and re-fifired. As well as challenging the fallibility of porcelain, this
    current palette of techniques is continuously being challenged and developed.

    Artist Biography


    Anne Butler is a ceramic artist whose work explores relationships between process, material and
    time. She lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has exhibited widely in the United
    Kingdom and Ireland and has received several awards, including the Rosie James Memorial
    Award 2018. Recent selected exhibitions include participation in The Korean International
    Ceramic Biennale, The Royal Society of Sculptors Annual Exhibition, London and the Royal Ulster
    Academy Exhibition, Belfast. Her work is held in many private and public collections and is
    currently on show in the Ulster Museum, Belfast. The Irish Contemporary Ceramic Collection in
    the Hunts Museum, Limerick. Ireland and The Arts Council of Northern Ireland Contemporary Art
    Collection in the CraftNI Gallery in Belfast.