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Sarra Ben Attia

Artist's Work

The Cercle of Life

    Artist Biography

    The idea of Sarra Ben Attia art work:


     The approach of Sarra Ben Attia art work reveals a reflection of the her being as a child-mother and a researcher-artist on the metamorphosis of her ceramic practice. The beginnings of her work seeks to alienate between the adaptation of the Tunisian clay and the representation of the history of ceramics in the Tunisian territory. Step by step, the evolution of her art approach begins to focus on the metamorphoses brought to the concepts of the structural regeneration of ceramics as a figurative representation of bodies: Bodies that give life and which are inscribed into a life donor, a woman, a mother…

    From there, an intimate relationship is established between her personal mythology as a hybrid Tunisian / Foreign girl who seeks to take root in the strains of Tunisian territory and the mythology of some female heroines in the history of the Antic Mediterranean. Consequently, a representation of the Cosmic Being has developed in its relation of life and Ek-Sistance with a Universe inscribed in its image of life and therefore of death. A death that separates body and soul, and capsizes the Being between its ephemeral material identity and its eternal metaphysical universal identity.

    Sarra’s art is represented with ceramic installations that gives the conceptual idea of ​​the Soul, this feminine image of existence incorporating the body of the Earth as the center of Life itself. Even as a union of the elements of forces of the Earth, Water, Air and Fire, looking for a new spatio-temporality outside of all physical world and takes you to a new conceptual dimension between Heaven and Earth to anchor it in the heart of your personal Zenith.