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Anja Seiler

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    Where two systems meet, 2019
    Material is in the centre of my artistic preoccupation.
    Due to a strange coincidence I happened to visit one of the fastest melting glaciers of Switzerland.
    At its decreasing ice edge a small lake collected water of milky blue color due to the deposit of granitic
    sediments .
    The fast retracting movement of the glacier provoked the alteration of the granit bedrock leaving a
    relatively pure sand of divers granulometric particles behind.
    I collected this sediments which for me materialize the idea of the edge in multiple ways.
    « Ecotones are abrupt changes in vegetation (…) producing a
    narrow ecological zone between «
    them »
    The melting glacier is a symbol of an irretrievable transition which edgy extinction we witness in a almost
    everyday slow-motion .
    The glaciers’ edge seen in a biological sense is an ecotone, a zone of dynamique tension were two systems
    Due to the glacial polish of the moving glacier the sand-ice-water blasted surface of the rock appearing
    underneath is extremely smooth in contrast to the rough environnement of the ice.
    My work Borderline is created in resonance with these reflflexions.
    I wanted to illustrate quite literally the idea of a meeting point where something new would occur
    through the adjonction of material to my raw material clay.
    To my surprise the glacier sand turned out to be rich in feldspar and silica transforming itself during the
    fusion process (as a glimpse to the melting ice) into shiny blistering particles.
    Working with a two piece plaster mould I wished to underline the idea of a meeting point through the
    moulds’ » borderlines » joining the two faces of the piece creating moreover a contrast between the
    roughly structured surface of the inner mould and the polished surface of the clean-cut mould’s edge.
    Anja Seiler
    Geneva 20.01.2020

    Artist Biography

    Diploma and Education

    - Member of the International Academy of Ceramics IAC


    - Member of the swiss ceramic association ‘ swiss ceramics’


    - Diploma HES ‘Ceramic Object’ / ‘Designer HES’


    - Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués, Geneva Ceramic departement


    - Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Geneva Professional ceramic education


    Independent personal projects

    - Ceramic workshop, artist >2009

    - Association Dialogue Céramique >2006

    Co-founder and Council member, promotion of world ceramic, publisher

    - Exhibition 1001 Cups 2009-12

    Co-curator of the travelling exhibition of contemporary ceramic to

    India, China, South Korea, France and Switzerland

    Professional experience based in Geneva

    - Centre de Formation Professionel d’Arts, CFPArt >2006

    Teacher of history of ceramics and workshop

    - International Academy of Ceramics, IAC, Ariana Museum 2007-16

    Office coordinator

    - CFPArt, Expert for the final exams, ceramic department >2008

    - Contemporary art Collector, collaboration and creation of a data base 2006-07

    - Haute Ecole d’Arts Appliqués HES, assistant and teacher for ceramic design 2002-05



    Céramique 14, Paris « Special prize of the Jury » 2018


    C14- Paris , Salon of contemporary ceramic, Paris /France 2019

    Ceramic Art Trail, St Quentin la Poterie/ France 2019

    Fantasy Island, Kunstzeughaus, Rapperswil/ Switzerland 2019

    Art& Architecture: collaboration avec Jean Paul Spicher architectes 2018

    Céramique 14, Salon de la céramique d’art contemporaine Paris/ France 2018

    Faire-Surface, exhibition, Parcours Céramique Carougeois/Geneva 2017

    Collecting Time, Galerie Dohijidai, Kyoto/Japan collective exhibition 2015

    Grounding, solo show, Usine Kugler, Geneva 2012

    1001 cups, International travelling exhibition of contemporary ceramic 2009-12

    to India, China, South Korea, France and Switzerland

    Criss+ Cross Design Swiss, travelling exhibition/ Pro Helvetia 2007

    Les nouveaux plaisirs des objets et ustensiles domestiques 1998

    Collective exhibition, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Lausanne

    Residence- Exchange Program

    - Fondation Brückner, artist in residency program 2015 - Suisse- Tiwi Exchange,

    Melville Island ,AUS, exchange with aborigine artists 1998 –

     Fatouhi Cramer Gallery, New York, USA, assistant for art production 1997 –

    Greewich Pottery House, New York, USA, ceramic workshop assistant 1997

    -Kanoria Center for Arts, Ahmedabad, India, artist in residence program 1997