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Leandre Burkhard

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    As I can’t use this machine alone to turn a bowl, I have to ask people to help me set it in motion. In this way the wheel becomes more than a mere “production tool”, it acquires the status of a“communication tool”. Asking for the collaboration from the people around wherever I set up the wheel, I have the opportunity to discover persons from different horizons. I strike up interesting conversations with strangers. During each meeting, the path of my life crosses the one of a stranger. We discuss and exchange ideas during the time she or he helps me. When the bowl is finished, our lives go back to each of our daily activities. The bowl materializes the shared moment.


    Artist Biography


    Leandre Burkhard studied ceramic in Switzerland, Vevey applied art school, in 2008 he moved to China and obtain a Master in Ceramic at the China Acadamy of Art (CAA) in 2017. Now he is lecturer at the CAA, ceramic department in Hangzhou.

    Zhou XinYi studied ceramic at the China Academy of  Art, ceramic department. Now she work as a photographer.