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Eva Zethraeus

Artist's Work

Dark Indigo Trumpet Cluster

    Work introduction

    I am inspired by different themes but their commonality is always nature, science and mathematics. My sculptures are the result of an ongoing research of form and the complex nature of the ceramic process. In recent work focus has been on the Golden Section and my fascination for the Fibonacci Series reaccurance in nature. Behind what seems to be a chaotic universe, everything is created through a secret code.

    What is harmony and why are some forms more appealing than others?


    Within these phenomenan the inspiration for my latest work is  `Virus´ . I find there is an undeniable beauty in the life cycle of the Virus – how a microscopic cluster of genes and proteins can make its way in the world, by winning over the host´s ( be it animal, plant or human) complicated defence mechanisms and, by replicating itself, insuring its existence.

    Artist Biography

    Eva Zethraeus ( b.1971)  studied at the College of Applied Arts and Crafts, in Gothenburg, Sweden where she received  an MFA in Ceramic Art in 1998.

    Eva now works full time as ceramic artist in her studio at the artist collective Konstepidemin.


    Evas practise lies within the sculptural field, her artwork inspired by dualities in nature and the inherent qualities of porcelain clay. She works with repetitive forms constructing complex pieces with great attention to detail.

    The many international residencies and workshops have influenced her work, especially the early residencies in Japan. The Japanese relationship to nature, in particular the Zen Buddist gardens in Kyoto, led to a new style of work, focusing on juxtapostion of form, light and texture.


    Eva is represented by Konsthantverkarna in Stockholm and Hostler Burrows Gallery in New York where in May 2018 she her first American solo exhibition ´The Duality of Nature - Order in Chaos´ .


    Eva has been awarded many major grants and scholarships, among others from the Swedish national Endowment for the Arts. Her artwork can be found in the collections of Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Röhsska  Museum of Craft and Design in Gothenburg.