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Daria Surovtseva

Artist's Work

On the Edge

    Work introduction

    I started diving after - and not before - working on my shapes and ways. All artists they create
    something from air and water fantasied that never exist before. Indeed, my sculptures are as organic
    like paleontological forms as they are cosmic, and this is because I show an adamant curiosity for
    the origins of the universe. I love sciences, and the more sculptures are, the closer I feel to finding
    some answers. After all, I feel like a baroque artist and I aspire to create a contemporary baroque
    symphony, something complicated, mystic, alive and immersing in another dimension.
    My sculptures as well inspired by Russian Avant-garde, the ever-present air of Utopia (always think
    of Tatlin and Malevitch, two Russian artists that I adore) and desire to reconstruct on the edge of
    ecology et civilisation, constructivism and cosmos in order to build an other art …

    Artist Biography

    Born 19.11.1980 in the family of sculptures in Moscow Russia

    Works and lives in Paris France and Moscow Russia


    2004-2005 – National Sevres Manufactory. Paris. France.

    1997-2003 – Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry. Russia

    1995-1997 - Lyceum of Psychology. Moscow. Russia

    1986-1995 – Music School. Violin. Moscow. Russia


    2019 - IAC International Academy of Ceramic. Geneva. Switzerland

    2013 - La Fondation Taylor . Paris. France

    2010 - La Maison des Artistes. Paris. France

    2003 - Moscow Union of Artists. Moscow. Russia

    2003 - Moscow Union of Designers. Moscow. Russia

    2018 - Decorator and Stage designer of Russian Theatre in Paris. Ma-Art. France

    Languages : Russian, English, French


    2020 - Espace des Femmes - Antoinette Fouque. Paris. France

    2019 – Museum and Palace Tsarytsino. Moscow. Russia

    2018 – Museum of Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry. Russia

    2017 – State Museum of New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem. Russia

    2016 – Bourganov State Museum. Moscow. Russia

    2015 – Moscow Museum of Modern art. Moscow. Russia

    2013, 2010 - Russian State Museum. Saint Petersburg. Russia

    2010 - Foundation «ArtExEast». Switzerland

    2009 - Contemporary Art Museum «Art4Ru». Moscow. Russia


    2019 - Bourse. Museum and Palais Tsarytsino. Moscow. Russia

    2019 - TOP 100 List of contemporary Russian artistes. #35. Fondation InArt

    2018 - Laureate of 1 er Grand Prize. Museum of Magic. Blois. France

    2018 – Laureate of 1er Prize «Innovation in Sculpture». Ecole d’ICART. Paris. France

    2012 - Laureate of 1 er Grand Prize “VERA” in the nomination “ Installation ”. Manège Expo-hall. Moscow. Russia

    2009 – Gold Medal of Moscow Union of Artists. Moscou. Russie

    2003 - High degree diploma of Stroganov Académie of Arts. Moscow. Russia

    1998 – 2010 - 35 High degree diplômas from solo and group expositions of Moscow

    Union of Artistes. Moscow. Russia


    Museums: Russian State Museum Saint Petersburg, Moscow Museum of Modern

    Art, Moscow Museum of Actual Art Art4Ru, Museum de la Magie Blois France,

    Moscow Museum of Decorative Art

    Academies: Russian Academy of Art Moscow Russia, Stroganov Academy of Art

    and Industry Moscow Russia,

    Cultural Centres: Cultural and orthodox Centre of Russia Paris France, Russian

    Centre of Culture and Science Paris France, Moscow Centres of Contemporary Arts:

    Vinzavod, Flacon, ArtPlay, Gridchin art Hall Centre Moscow Russia

    Administration of the President of Russia Moscow Russia

    Ministry of Foreign Affaires

    Galleries of Russia, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Korea

    Biennale and Art Fairs: Biennale of Contemporary Art Moscou Russia 2019-2006, ,

    ARTUP Art Fair Lille France 2019, 23 Biennale of contemporary créations and

    céramic Vallauris France 2015, ART-DUBAI Art Fair Dubaï Emirats 2015,

    COSMOSCOU Art Fair Moscou Russie 2015, ART-PARIS Art Fair Paris France 2013,

    ART-ISTANBUL Art Fair Istanbul Turkey 2013, ART-MOSCOU Art Fair Moscou

    Russie 2011,СUTLOG Art Fair Paris France 2010, DROUOT RICHELIER Paris

    France 2005, PLUG Art Fair Museum Mucsarnok Budapest Hungry 2005, MMOMA

    Biennale of young Russians artistes Moscow Russia 2013-2006


    2020 - «Nei labirinti dell’anima russa». Museum of Paolo Troubetskoy. Verbania. Italy

    2019 - «L’Intimité d’Eclipse».Gallery of Espace des femmes-Antoinette Fouqué. Paris

    «Throne of Humanism». Museum and Palace Tsarytsino. Moscow. Russia

    «SOLO Porcellana». Stresa. Piémont. Italy

    «Les Archives point Zéro». Gallery One Moment. Paris. France

    2018 - «Fragile». Gallery de l’Est. Compiègne. France

    «Innovation 2018. Sculpture». Ecole d’ICART. Paris. France

    «Les formes d’Amalgame». Russian Centre of Science and Culture. Paris

    «North meets South». Düsseldorf. Allemagne

    2016 - Pechersky Gallery. Monaco

    2014 - «Du Profundis». Hors-Champs Gallery. Paris. France

    2012 - «Les Métamorphoses». Hors-Champs Galerie. Paris. France

    «Reality of illusions». Russian State Academy of Art. Moscow. Russia

    2012, 2011, 2010 - Gallery Brissot. Paris. France

    2011 - «Avant première». Biennale of contemporary Art. Moscow. Russia

    «Trial of Strength». Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscou. Russie

    Nikki Diana Marquardt Gallery. Paris. France

    2010 - Vivienne Gallery. Paris. Russia

    Gallery Vincent. Moscow. Russia

    2005 - Gallery Serge Panijel. Paris. France


    2019 – «Double Jeu». Les Jardins d’Etretat. Etretat. France

    «Plastic mass». Marble Palace. Russian State Museum. Saint Petersburg

    «NON-SPOILAGE». Gallery A3. Moscow. Russia

    « GOLD». Centre of contemporary Art « VinZavod ». Moscow. Russia

    «Chaos Theory». MustArt Gallery. Moscow. Russia

    «Dreams travel». ArtStory Gallery. Moscow. Russie

     ArtUp Fair of Contemporary Art. Lille. France

    2018 – «Family of artistes Surovtsev». Administration of the President of Russia.

    Moscow. Russia

    «History in bronze of Surovtsevs». State Gallery. Izhevsk. Udmurtia

    Parcours Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Transatlantique Gallery. Paris. France

    «Galerie des Illusions». Museum of Magic. Blois. France

    2017 - «Surovtsev, his son and daughter». Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moscow.


    «150 years of Stroganov Academy of Arts and Industry». Ceramic. Moscow.


    2017, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2009 – Russian State Museum. Saint Petersburg. Russie

    2016 – «Against the Stream». Moscow Academy of Art. Moscow. Russia

    2016, 2015, 2009 – Museum of Decorative Arts . Moscow. Russia

    2016, 2013, 2008, 2007, 2006 - ArtReFlex Gallery. Saint Petersburg. Russia

    2016 - 2010–Galeries : De Buci, Brissot, Vivienne, Mansart. Paris. France

    Da-End, Hors-Champs. Paris.

    2015 - «ART-DUBAI» ART FAIR. Dubai. Emirates

    Fondation Taylor. Paris. France

    «COSMOSCOW» ART FAIR. Moscow. Russia

    «23 ème Biennale création contemporaine et céramique». VALLAURIS. France

    «Carte blanche». Pechersky Gallery. Moscow. Russia

    2014, 2013 - 2006 - Biennale of Contemporary Art. Moscow. Russia

    2014 – «ART-PARIS» ART FAIR. Paris. France

    2013 – «ART-ISTANBUL» ART FAIR. Istanbul. Turkey

    Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Moscow. Russia

    «11 russian artists in Sweden». Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Maglehem.


    «ART-PARIS" ART FAIR. Grand Palais. Paris. France.

    2013, 2012 – Gridchin-hall Art Center. Moscow. Russia

    2013, 2012, 2011 – Da-End Gallery. Paris. France

    2012 – «Art et Capita»l ART FAIR. Grand Palais. Paris. France

    ArtPark”. Art-space “Flacon”. Moscow. Russia

    2012, 2011, 2010, 2007, 2006 – Moscow Biennale of Young Contemporary Art. Russia

    2011 – «ART-MOSCOW» ART FAIR. Moscow. Russia

    2010 – «СUTLOG" Contemporary Art Faire. Paris. France

    2009, 2007 – «Pandus in Cosmos». International festival of contemporary art.


    2009-1998 - exhibitions of young artists by Moscow Union of Artists. Moscow. Russia

    2008 – Barbarian Art Gallery. Zurich. Switzerland

    2005 – DRUOUT RICHELIEU AUCTION. Paris. France

    «PLUG». Contemporary Art Faire. Mucsarnok Museum. Budapest. Hungary.

    Tho-Art Gallery. Icheon-si Kyunggi-do. Seoul. South Korea

    2000, 2001, 2002 – Project `Russian Artist in Austria. Nufa Gallery.Wels. Austria.

    1992 – classical music concert by Suzuki Orchestra. Violin. Cloudcraft. USA