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Екатерина Sukhareva

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    I realized already during my childhood that I would become an artist.
    Everyone in my family was engaged in visual arts. I graduated from the ceramics department
    of the Academy in St. Petersburg, and I am still molding and painting, studying the enormous
    possibilities of the material.
    The themes of my work, I believe, are simple and close to people. I make up Stories and try
    to see something unusual in everyday life. Angels and people build towers, light the way with
    lanterns, play with children, play music, hug, meet and part.
    When I work, I often think of those who will look at my pieces. If a spectator smiles, this is my
    best praise.

    Artist Biography


    Instagram: ecyx_keramika

    facebook: Ekaterina Sukhareva


    · Born in 1969 in Leningrad to an artistic dynasty.

    · Graduated from the High School of Arts at the Russian Academy of Arts in 1987.

    · Graduated from the Department of Ceramics and Glass of the Leningrad Mukhina Arts and Industry Academy in 1992.

    · Member of the Artists Union of Russia since 1994.

    · Member of the International Academy of Ceramics 2019.


    1992-2018 Frequent participant of Artists Union of Russia exhibitions (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    1998 «100 years in the arts», family exhibition (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    1999 «France through the eyes of Russian artists», (Valloris, France)

    2001 «Neighbors: Russia, Finland, Sweden» (Helsinki, Finland)

    2005-2016 «Ceramics in landscape» (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    2006 «Savinovy – the dynasty of artists» (Saratov, Russia)

    2008-2014 «The World Exhibition of Teaports» (Shanghai, China)

    2010 «Voyages» (Valloris, France) «From France» (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    2011 «Without borders» (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    2012 «1m 2 » (Terra-Rosa, Salernes, France)

    2013 «Anniversary exhibition of Artist Union of Russia» (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    2015 «Teapots-Women» (Shanghai, China) Exhibition in Am Roten Hof gallery (Wien, Austria)

    2015-2017 «Surfaces» (Moscow, Russia)

    2016 «Circus» Saint-Petersburg Russian Museum «International ceramic festival» (Sasama, Japan)

    2017 «From star to water» (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    2018 «ArtCeram 2018», (Sevres, France) «Beware of Children», (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    2019 «1m 2 », (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)


    Russia (Shuvalovo, Oranienbaum, Govrilov Yam)

    Latvia (Zvartava)

    Estonia (Kohila)

    Lithuania (Kaunas).Finland (Kihnje)

    Germany (Wunsdorf-Walstadt)

    Slovakia (Beladice)

    Italy (La Fratta Arthouse)


    1998, 2002 «Ceramics and Graphics» (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

    2007 «My porcelan» (Riga, Latvia)

    2018 «Angels’ imaginary life» (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)


    Elagin palace-museum, (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

    Terra Rossa (Salernes, France)

    Saratov Radischev State Museum (Saratov, Russia)

    In private collections in Russia, France, Germany, USA, Austria, Japan.

    Produced a number of works for private and public interiors.