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Ludmila Krutikova

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    Following the development of digital technologies, we change our
    points getting new basis, coordinates, states... Spaces multiply and the world
    around becomes an infinite set of layers and streams. One space consists of
    fragments of numerous other possible spaces. Creativity is one of the ways to
    feel the edge or movement between what is visible and what is hidden from
    visual perception. What organizes the space around and, perhaps, is a kind of
    frame where all that is freely perceived by the human eye is “put on”.
    Sculpture, opening its tectonics, looks like baring, shows the
    essence of it.
    Two points determine the line. Three pointes determine the layer,
    that could be bounded by triangle. So, the triangle could be considered as root
    matrix, the basis for shaping. Every triangle is unique and has unique form
    and properties. Spinning of lots of triangles around each other creates a new
    space. Interception of new spaces combines a new structure. Graphic images
    put on the surfaces underline the structure tectonics. The process is
    continuing in time, have no boundaries and able to create any form or object.
    So, the combination and organization of simple static objects creates
    dynamic series, forms the visible space and fills it with content and depth.

    Artist Biography

    Residence: Moscow, Russia
    Master degree in Moscow State Textile Academy, Applied Arts Department.
    Actively working with graphics, ceramics, painting and exhibiting in Russia and abroad.
    Artworks are belonged to collections of:
    - Russian Emperor Family Museum, Moscow
    - Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia
    - Ceramics museum ZVARTAVA, Latvia
    - A3 Gallery, Moscow
    - PiranesiLAB, Moscow
    - Private collections in Russia, Germany, France and Serbia
    The member of the International Association “Union of Designers”and of the Moscow Union of