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Julia Klopova

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    In ceramics, I am concerned about large non-figurative categories. There are several areas that I have been developing over the past decade. Conceptual objects and exhibition compositions which are designed to answer several important questions :

    - How do people (viewers) interact with my  ceramics?

    - When ceramic material resists active action, how does it show its true properties?

    How can an image be developed  when it goes into the grotesque?

    An object in a different material passes into a different sort of sensation .

    I am interested in the metamorphosis of simple things - the Surrealism of form.

    All this in the field of ceramics, as well as in the combination of ceramic materials with others, such as fiberglass, paperclay, polymers.

    Artist Biography

    Klopova Iuliia was born in 1971.

    In 1988-1991 was studying in Krasnoyarsk’s Surikov Art School.

    Arrived in Saint-Petersburg in 1993, where studied at Stieglitz Art and Industry Academy, department of Art Ceramics and Glass.

    In 1999 defended the diploma «Keepers of myths» with an excellent grade.

    Throughout the last years participates in various international and Russian national symposiums and exhibitions.

    Since 2002 creates Italian majolica copies on the orders of the State Hermitage Museum. 

    Since 2004 is a member of the Artists Union of Russia and works at the department of Art Ceramics and Glass  of St. Petersburg Stieglitz Art and Industry Academy.

    In 2005 was awarded a scholarship for young artists by the Artists Union of Russia.

    Exhibitions and symposiums:

    2006 - personal exhibition Repliki & TechnoKlop (“Реплики и ТехноКлоп”), gallery «R-has flown down», Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    2011 - personal exhibition, gallery Art reflex, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    2007 - group exhibition, gallery “Puttiko”, Finland.

    Since 2009 - annual international exhibition of ceramic teapots, Shanghai, China

    2006 - group exhibition, gallery Sireola, Tampere, Finland.

    Since 2008 - annual exhibition “Ceramics in Landscape”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

    2011 - group exhibition Voyage, Vallauris, France.

    2012 - group exhibition m2 in Terra-Rosa museum (which took some of the works into its collection), Salernes, France.

    2013 - international Macsabal woodfire symposium, Zibo, China. Some art works have been selected for the Taishan ceramics factory museum and Qilu glass art museum collections.

    2015 - international ceramic symposium High Fire, Gavrilov Iam, Russia.

    2017 - international ceramic symposium “Together 2017”, Zvartava, Latvia.

    2018 - international ceramic symposium “Dialogue 2018”, Zvartava, Latvia.

    2018 - group exhibition “Promenade with Consequences”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.