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Ivan Skubin

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    Creating in clay means a spiritual dimension to me.

    The artist would like to create with his hands the beauty, ideal beauty, absolute beauty. But his hands remain empty, again and again. The work of art is just a surrogate. The absolute beauty residing in human being, in his heart, stays hidden. Beauty lies in simple things and the soul also is simple and straightforward. The artists creations are but anticipations about the beauty and his works of art made on earth and rising towards the sky remain unfinished…

    (about the art object Cube) There are many things in life, that accumulate in the stack. Thoughts, realized and unrealized aspirations, events, good and bad, our daily life with a myriad of tiny, tiny things and experiences ... Loading in layers, layer by layer, cube for cube, somewhere on our shoulders ...   


    Artist Biography


    I was born in 1946 in Slovenia. My basic education is an agronomist so that the earth and its elementalness I know well. But my way in the world of ceramics was carried out through trial and error, in self-education, own experimentation and various advanced study courses, such as: in the Ceramics School (by Zvonko Bizjak), by Boris Roce, prof. of Fine Arts, Croatia (the technique raku), by academic painters in Slovenia (school of painting 2010–2014); educations through the international ceramics symposiums, international Fine Art Colonies and Art Residences (in Slovenia, Serbia, Italia, France). 

    During twenty-five years of my activity in the field of ceramics I had over hundred and fifty solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia, Italia, Austria, Portugal, Serbia, Ungary, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France. I took part in national and international art- and ceramics projects, art colonies and workshops. My work was awarded, among others: twice with the grand prix at the International extempo of ceramics in Piran, Slovenia, with Golden Award Public Fund for Cultural Activities, Ljubljana (SLO), Special recognition, Exhibition of ceramic sculptures, Krško (SLO), with 1th place at Art ex-tempo Nova Gorica (SLO) and with 1th Prize at Ceramic&Colors Award Faenza (I). In 2018 and 2019 I was selected for Slovenian artist in artistic residence in Cite des Arts in Paris. Iʹm a member of many societies, among others of the Society of Slovene Ceramists, The Association of the Slovene Visual Artists and The Institute V-oglje (member of IAC). My works are involved in public collections in Slovenia, Serbia, Portugal, Italia, Belgium, Spain. At my home, where I have my own gallery I organized creative workshops for children and adults. I also lead courses in schools in Slovenia and Italy. In 2019, I was accepted as a member of the IAC in Geneva.