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Valentina Savic

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    When I was a child, my favorite game was to make pies out of the mud. At that time, I lived in a
    new communist block of flats, which was surrounded by marsh and where I spent most of my
    time playing with mud. The muddy area around the strict and rigid social-realistic architecture in
    a way gave the block of flats an essential element of organic, changeable, and untamed. Much
    later the mud pies had become the sculptures, and clay had become the primal material of my
    artistic expression. My sculptures are a response and reaction to the imposed identities, systems
    and structures, they question what is offered, imposed and allowed to the human nowadays, in
    terms of socially acceptable norms. They question the established values in modern society.

    Artist Biography

    Valentina Savić is a Serbian visual artist working in the field of ceramics art for more than a two decades. Although she works primarily in ceramic and porcelain, her ceramic installations are often mixed with another media, like metal, digital prints, video and performance. She explores the connection between the body, space and consumption. She participated in more than hundred exhibitions and art related projects worldwide.

    2007 she completed BFA & MFA in ceramic arts from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia

    1998- 2000 received a scholarship from the School of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece.

    Currently PHD of Arts candidate at Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.


    Over the past 10 years she has exhibited at Dehua Ceramic Museum in China, The Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, National Museum Aranđelovac, Serbia, National Museum Slovenia, Ceramic Museum Westerwald, Germany, Ceramic Museum, Spain, Cultural Centers and Galleries In Serbia, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Argentina, Turkey,  New Zealand, Tunisia, China.

    Received many awards national and international; Excellence Prize of the 1st World Ceramic Teapot Competition, Yixing, China 2019, Purchase Award at the 14th Triennial of Ceramic Art, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, Museum of Applied Arts, Serbia 2013, Second Award, 1st International Triennial of Ceramics UNICUM, Slovenia 2009 etc.


    Member of  IAC - International Academy of Ceramics,

    & Serbian Association of Applied Arts &Design.

    Born in Prizren, Serbia 1970. Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.