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Suh HyeSoo

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Exquisite Life

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    Line, together with color and side, is an important means for expressing the form, and is an ancient medium of art. Line in nature does not display a visually important role, but it demonstrates an extremely important role when drawing or crafting artwork. Line is the direction or path of moving dot and its length itself possesses unique characteristics, therefore, reduction of the line's length will automatically eliminate the line's feature. Thus the ever-changing pattern of line is a sufficiently attractive measure to express human emotion. 

    Therefore, I want to express what kind of traits the line possesses and how the line induces human to express emotions through this work. I sincerely wish visitors will assimilate into the fundamental genuineness of the line. 

    I have worked with the soil for more than 30 years in Korea and have spent a long time studying for the harmony of delicate lines and colors. I think my lyrical and modern works based on Korea's traditional inlay technology can be a good inspiration for visitors.

    The tension of the neat arrangement without a single line out of place paradoxically creates a soothing and mysterious sense of aesthetic pleasure. The methodically arranged lines represent my uncompromising life and the driving force that has led me to new ideas.