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Kim Sun

Artist's Work

A Forest Haven

    Work introduction

    I’ve been working on the theme of ‘REST’ for years with images of homes and forests.

    Through the home and forest of nature, we seek a place of relaxation and rest, free from the complicated and tired daily life.

    forests I want are not huge places like jungles.

    The forest I want is a cozy place of illumination with subtle light that rides down between the cracks of the trees, and the light that shines between the branches and stimulate with a very familiar and comfortable color in the forest.

    Forest images used sculpture and light was used to maximize images of quiet forests.

    Artist Biography



    PhD Completion Ewha Womans University

    1999 MFA in Ceramic Design from Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Design

    1994 BFA in Ceramic Arts from Ewha Womans University



    2018 REST, / GALLERY MIN, Seoul

    2015 LOOKING INWARD2015 / Ewha art gallery, Seoul

    2013 LOOKING INWARD / Korea Craft&Design Foundation gallery, Seoul

    2009 ‘Rest Space’ / Korea Craft&Design Foundation gallery, Seoul

    2005 A Home in Heyri made of Clay / Gallery TERRA, Gyeonggi-do Heyri

    2003 SEA / Gana Art Space, Seoul



    2019. KWCA International Exhibition / Woljeon Museum of Art Icheon

    2018. 2018 Exhibition of Korea Woman Ceramicist Association / Gallery Min

    2018. 因緣生起 / Gallery KWCA

    2018. 9nd Seoul Modern Art Show 2018 / Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center

    2018. Exhibition of props for the New Year / Gallery KWCA

    2017. 2017 Exhibition of Korea Woman Ceramicist Association / Gallery KWCA

    2017. Be a picture everywher. Exhibition / Gallery Dalgam tree, Heyri