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Kim Mi kyoung

Artist's Work

Thinking Hand(ilggy ; ilggy ; ilggy)

    Work introduction

    The connotative meaning and function of the art work varies in terms of usability, identity, purpose, and inherent meaning according to the artist’s intention and thought. However, the role of HAND MAKING is an essential factor for the completion of art works representing artist’s skill and thought regardless the various intents and natures in art making.

    An artist starts to work by hands after considering the way of how to represent an art work according to his/her intention. Artist’s hands carry out the process of formation, refinement, decoration, and firing depending on his/her thought. Therefore, Artist’s hands are both a type of visual language and a way-out, which represents all kinds of characteristics of art work based on artist’s work skill and thinking. Thus, artist’s hands are often designated as ‘Thinking Hand.’

    My work idea begins in this context. I places importance on the inherent role and meaning of ‘Thinking Hand.’ And I thinks intensely over the externalization and expression of the essential plastic code of ‘Thinking Hand.’ So, I utilize various factors and chances occurring in the work in progress as well as the final product finished by my plan. My hands work precisely according to my intent, but, occasionally there are many different factors occurring in the process of modeling, sculpturing, and glazing, which turns out unintentionally. Likewise, we embrace unpredictable factors and chances occurring endlessly and repeatedly in the march of our lives regardless our planning, I admit also various improvisations, chances, and factors breaking out in the work in progress, as a part of work processed by my hands, in accordance with the final work completed according to a plan.

    Artist Biography


    Mikyoung Kim  earned a BFA and MA in ceramics at Ewha Womens University, and a MA in studio art at New York University. She is now a professor at Ewha Womans University, School of  Arts & Design, in Seoul, South Korea from 2008.


    She received the grand award at The Korea Industrial Artists Association Contest and had award show at National Museum of Modern Arts in Koera. She has 18 times solo exhibited her work around the world including Tokyo, New York, Hawaii, Seoul, and Icheon, among many others.


     Mikyoung Kim is a renowned ceramist and expert mold-maker who has worked in industry and taught ceramics for many years. Her mold-making skills are exquisitely simple but powerful.


    She is also a director of Sokang Ceramic Research Institute in Icheon. and she taught at Idyllwild Arts Summer Program, Ceramic Workshop. She also had an experience Residential program in Cortona, Italy and participated International Ceramic Symposium ACC(Artic Ceramic Center),in Posio, Finland.


    She was a Visiting Research Scholar at San Diego State University, from 2015 to 2017.  

    M.A. New York University, Studio Art, New York

    B.F.A. Ewha Womans University, Ceramic Art, Seoul

    19 Times Solo Exhibition

    A Visiting Research Scholar , San Diego State University, CA, USA

    Idyllwild Arts Summer Program,Ceramic Workshop, CA, USA

    Professor / Department of Ceramics Art, School of Art & Design, Ewha Womans University, Seoul.Korea