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Eum Sung-do

Artist's Work

Playing Space Sires

    Work introduction

    By making the plaster mold into a block to be able to move its position, it can be transformed into various forms and textures can be freely selected. This work has the fun of reminding new artistic inspiration because it makes it possible to produce various sizes and forms by displacement by small movement of module in one frame. By incorporating the subframe that corresponds to the loop of DNA into the basic framework, the artist's formative language is completed with mutations or evolved entities of other traits projected. The ceramic sculptures named “playing space sires” are evolving architecturally by uniting them into mechanical and structural modules that encompass the shapes of inorganic and organic. These changes can continuously release new information from the sculptures.

    Artist Biography

    Sung-Do Eum




    2005. 3. 31 Ph.D. Ceramic Major, Kanazawa College of Art and Design Graduate School of Arts and Crafts, Japan 


    Awards and exhibitions

    1998. 7. 27 ~  11 solo exhibitions 10 times (Busan, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Tokyo, Seoul, etc.)

    2002. 5. 19 CERAMIC ART FUJI International Biennale 2002 (Grand Prize), Japan Yamanashi

    2003. 7. 21 The 5th Art & Craft in Obokesugi Festival (Grand Prize), Japan Ishikawa

    2008. 1. 9.  India and Korea Ceramic Society International Exchange Exhibition, India Delhi, Chennai

    2010. 6     Korea-Japan International Symposium and Exchange Exhibition of Dongduk 100th

               Anniversary, Korea

    2011. 11. 5  2011 Asian Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, China Swan Ceramic Museum

    2012. 8. 25  Korea-Japan Craft Art Exhibition Kanazawa Art Craft University Art Gallery Invitation  

                Exhibition, Japan

    2012. 11. 15 East Asian Contemporary Pottery Exchange Exhibition, Taiwan Shiny Bay Municipal       

                Ingeo Museum

    2014. 7.    China And South Korea Changchun Pottery Exchange Exhibition, Peng Ci,

               Changchun International Sculpture Park Sculpture Museum

    2015. 5. 28.  2015 Cheongju Craft Biennale 70th anniversary of independence and liberation, Korea

    2015. 8. 18.  The 5th Far East Asian Crafts Exchange Exhibition, Glass Island Museum, Korea

    2015. 11. 18.  2015 Asian Modern Ceramic Art Exhibition, Hangzhou, China  

    2016. 2016.  Asian Modern Ceramic Art Fair, Taiwan Craft Center

    2017. 4. 22.  Thematic exhibition in yeju GICB 2017, Korea

    2019. 10. 8.  2019 Cheongju Craft Biennale Dongbu warehouse

    Collection of works

    Museum of Contemporary Arts, Nagasaki, Japan

    Yoshino Tanimura Yoshino Crafts Village, Japan

    Kanazawa University of Art and Design, Japan

    Chennai Innocent Center, India


    Member of Korea Modern Ceramics Society,

    Member of Korea Art Association,

    Professor, Department of Digital Craft, Dongduk Women's University, Department of Digital Craft