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Choi Jiman

Artist's Work

White Porcelain Ritual Vessel

    Work introduction

    Modern White Porcelain by Jiman Choi

    Jiman Choi, one of Korea’s leading contemporary ceramic artist, has recently turned his focus to white porcelain and blue-and-white porcelain. His studio is located in near Gwangju, where white porcelain has been produced for hundreds of years. But Choi does not aim to simply reproduce the pottery of Joseon. Rather, for him pottery making is a meaningful process of realizing the truth while striving toward the essence of life and the universe through the medium of art.

    In the process of kneading and forming clay into vessel, the potter’s personality and life are revealed. Facing countless failures in the process of making and firing pottery, the potter is required to practice patience and contemplation.

    Joseon Dynasty white porcelain has little to do with flamboyance, sophistication or magnificence. Though bright, almost transparent, white pottery may not attract our attention in the same way as a potter working on it in white clothing, it does have its own distinct presence. Baekja is the result of the potter’s spirit and work that are fully dedicated to the fundamentals.

    It also presents Choi’s pottery, which blends harmoniously with the colors of traditional Korean wooden furniture while contrasting with the latter’s form. Deeply embedded in his artwork are beautiful Korean sentiments in white.

    Artist Biography

    Artist’s Biography- Jiman Choi

     Jiman Choi currently serves as a professor in the Department of Arts and Crafts at Sookmyung Women’s University. He studied ceramics at Hongik University and at the Graduate School of The Ohio State University. He has participated in more 100 domestic and international exhibitions including solo, invitational and curated group shows such as biennales. He was awarded the Taunt Fellowship by the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in 2001.