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Yola Vale

Artist's Work

“ON THE EDGE” - Past | Present | Future ?

    Work introduction

    For many years, Yola Vale focus her ceramic work in the Rakú technique. “There is
    something sacred and timeless within this technic, she said.” With Rakú, Yola created
    objects, sculptures, murals and public works.
    By 2013, the artist's work witnessing an esthetic and philosophical shift. Yola Vale
    designs a series of large format murals, entitled "Suspended Fragments".
    Excluding the figurative registers and putting aside the traditional formats of ceramic
    panels, the artist creates organic and geometric surfaces, where each element
    occupies a specific space, and its absence would unbalance the whole set.
    Yola Vale elaborates simple forms, organize them like modular sequences with
    sensitivity and rhythms, creates unexpected voids, breaks and tears the substance and
    tries to define a new language in the way of producing and understand the ceramics.
    For this exhibition, the artist decided to create a new and special piece, presenting 3
    small panels (a triptych) entitled: “ON THE EDGE: Past|Present|Future?”
    With this work — and reversing the idea behind the topic of congress for something
    more comprehensive and current — Yola Vale propose a reflexion about how are we
    treating our planet; about the unprecedented transformations to which we are
    subjecting him to; on all issues related to climatic changes and how it effects
    ecosystems and destroys habitats at full speed, putting even us in danger.
    If nothing were done, this destructive pace will lead to collapse.
    Is this the FUTURE that we want?

    Artist Biography

    Yola Vale was born in 1975, in Espinho, Portugal.

    Graduated in Sculpture at Arts University of Coimbra - and complemented her training by attending several ceramics courses, in Portugal and abroad -, Yola has entirely devoted her work to contemporary ceramics since 2001.

    For the artist, clay contain the history of time!

    For two years, she lived and worked in Cabo Verde, where, besides being a teacher, had contact with the artistic reality of the country. Back to Portugal, she promoted numerous ceramics courses and workshops.

    Currently, Yola lives in Proença-a-Nova, where for almost eight years, owned the ‘Terra Cacau Gallery’ - a place of art, culture and leisure -, where she exhibited her work and work from other artists.

    Yola participates regularly in symposiums and international biennials of ceramic, having already been awarded in some occasions. She participate several times in collective exhibitions (Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Romania, South Korea, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Russia) and some individual, as well.

    The artist has been a member of IAC- International Academy of Ceramic since 2019.