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Michal Puszczynski

Artist's Work

Rock vase

    Work introduction

    My ceramics have always connected to nature as the main source of inspiration and the idea of
    transposing natural process into three dimensional objects. Surfaces of my sculptures are split,
    cracked or wrenched open to reveal pitted, cell-like structures, trying to make the enigmatic,
    abstract forms springing from my hands in the way nature produces rock formation. Using
    intuition and response instead of design, the shape and form retain a sense of spontaneity. The
    sculpture remains undone until I feel comfortable and familiar with it. Using simple shapes and
    organic forms, I try to evoke real emotions and associations with our own bodies and processes,
    which concern everything which is material. The fact that objects destroyed, degraded, in ruins
    and mere seconds away from complete disintegration, have always been fascinating to me does
    not come from a pessimistic point of view. It is rather a belief that after destruction and
    disappearance, all things will begin anew, giving hope for a renewed process of life’s rebirth. It
    seems to me that I have stopped thinking in the categories of the creation of artifacts, rather, the
    side products of a certain process, resulting from reflflections and attempts at materializing a
    transformation which I experience during work.
    This method is continued during the wood-fifiring of my works up to the temperature of 1350°C.
    Fire and high temperature melts clay and the ash that covers it. It is a violent and sometimes
    uncontrollable process where I push the boundaries of fifiring and the limits of clays pyro-plasticity.
    That creates unique and unexpected colors and textures on the surface of the work. I never want
    to control either the making or fifiring of my ceramics – I’m basically interested in expression and
    not in perfection.

    Artist Biography

    Michal Puszczynski P.h.D (1976) polish ceramic sculptor, member of the ceramic faculty at The
    Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław He creates sculptures and
    installations, mainly using clay and other ceramic materials. Building and operating Tongkama
    kilns; Puszczynski was the fifirst artist to introduce Poland to ceramic wood-fifiring techniques
    originating from the Far East. He has participated number of exhibitions, conferences and artistic
    projects throughout Europe, Asia and the North America. Awarded numerous scholarships and
    grants, including Fulbright Award 2019/2020.