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Egle Einikyte-Narkeviciene

Artist's Work

In the Depth

    Work introduction

    I have been working in the field of ceramics for more than twenty
    As an artist I have always observed people and their environment.
    It is important for me to reveal their complex relationships that are
    influenced by the environment, and as the outcome of these
    relationships – people’s egocentricity, vanity and the need for
    incarnation, as well as their constant desire to regain internal structured
    order and peace.
    Universal problems of humanity matter for me more than those
    of a concrete person. Therefore, I choose abstract forms, full of diverse
    metaphors and symbols. These people, crouched, broken by their lives,
    chained by their own inner conflicts, are similar to each of us in one
    way or another: our natural moral disposition to reflect on our own
    experience and close ourselves in the shell of fear and anxiety. Such
    abstract forms evoke our imagination deeper and make us think, trying
    to find answers to diverse existential questions.
    I have always looked at the human shape from a different angle,
    trying to search for new forms, lines, colours and technological
    solutions. In the process of creation, when I start working on a new
    project, other new works, the variations of the latter one, are often born.
    These variations and new ideas perfectly fit into the overall
    composition, which I pay a special interest to: I catch and draw the
    outer and inner lines of the sculpture with different sculptural means. I
    strive for the plasticity in the movement of the form, its flow, when one
    figure passes one another and together their whole leaves the
    impression of three figures. Therefore, it becomes very important to
    choose plastic clay masses professionally, as well as monochromatic
    surfaces that are able to convey those impressions.

    Artist Biography

    The artist Eglė Einikytė-Narkevičienė was born in Klaipėda (Lithuania) in 1972. She
    graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts (MFA: Ceramics,1998). Eglė Einikytė-Narkevičienė
    has been a Member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association from 1999 and AIC-IAC (Geneva) from
    Since 1995 she has participated in more than 60 exhibitions and 20 symposia in the
    Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
    Russian, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. The artist has won awards such as “Sleipnir”
    grant for young artists from Nordic Council of Ministers Information Centre (2002-2003), Ministry
    of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania personal state grant for artists (2014), a diploma at the 3rd
    Vilnius ceramic Art Biennial (2014), the Best painter, the Best vase and Viewer‘s sympathy prize at
    the Zvartava International Painting in Porcelain symposium „Together‘15“, Latvia (2015), the third
    prize at the 10th Baltic Countries‘ Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics „Pavasaris 2016“ Kaunas,
    the Second Prize at the 4th Vilnius Ceramic Art Biennial (2016), the Third Prize at the International
    Ceramics Contest CICA‘2018, Spain (2018).
    She was a selected in juried exhibition such as 1st Latvia International Ceramics
    Biennale, Marc Rothko Art Centre, Latvia (2016), International NVK Ceramics Triennial 2018,
    CODA museum, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands (2018), 2nd Latvia International Ceramics Biennale,
    Marc Rothko Art Centre, Latvia (2018), The 10th Korean International Ceramic Biennale,
    Gyeonggi, Korea (2019), 4th International Cluj Ceramics Biennale, Romania (2019), XIV
    International Biennial of Ceramics of Manises, Spain (2019), XIV International Biennial of Artistic
    Ceramics of Aveiro, Portugal (2019), XVI International prize of Contemporary Ceramics CERCO,
    Zaragoza, Spain (2019).
    She was one of the curators of the Small form ceramics exhibitions “A Cup”, Vilnius,
    Lithuania (2017-2018).
    Eglė Einikytė-Narkevičienė was a Jury member of Vilnius Ceramic Art Biennale and
    Ceramic Laboratory – 7th International Ceramic Art Symposium, Latvia (2018).