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Samar Mougharbel

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    To render the most common object into a ceramic work that would reflect our daily struggle.

    A struggle against wars that ravage our earth and our environment that is constantly polluted.

    We are suffocating, and we need an exhausting miracle that would save us.

    As if life is beautiful with objects that could decorate our homes and would remind us to be kinder to our fellow earth community

    Grinding and smoothing the ceramics surface is but a way to render the ugly; esthetic.

    Samar Mougharbel

    Beirut Lebanon

    Artist Biography

    I am an artist who works primarily and uniquely with clay. I am born in Beirut/ Lebanon in 1958, most of my young and adulthood age was under the bombs due to the consecutive wars, from civil wars to various invasions...

    I opened my studio in 1983 during the war and started producing functional earthenware pots with a variety of glazes fired to cone 5.

    After my first exhibiting, in 1987 I went to Goldsmith’s college in London to earn a post graduate degree in ceramics.

    When I was back, the war was nearly over, and all of Beirut was to be destroyed to be rebuilt, this was the subject of my exhibition “Beirut Blues”

    After its destruction, Beirut became the biggest archaeological site of the world and I was called upon as a ceramist to excavate. This led later to another exhibition titled “face efface” where I used discarded roman sherds with my ceramics heads.

    In 2005 there was a huge wave of assassinations which shook our country again.

    I made the 6 exploded cars and I tackled the subject of murder by over smoothing the surface to be smoked afterwards. I won the Sursock museum first prize for these cars... (Sursock museum is our one and only Lebanese contemporary museum)

    In 2013 I had an exhibition called interception, the subject being again shooting…I sculpted kids with guns camera, shooting devices, the guns fire water and intercepts with the opponent creating a beautiful splash.

    In 2015 my exhibition “without traces” was about Lebanese houses constructed in the 20’s and 30’s. it was my desire to visit our home again. I made several in order to visit people’s memory again…. These houses were gutted out partially destroyed ready for complete destruction for developer’s projects…