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Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli

Artist's Work

Magic Stones on the Edge of a Volcano

    Work introduction

    Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli is the heir to a prestigious ceramics tradition, the Rubboli factory in Gualdo Tadino (Italy) founded in 1873 by Paolo Rubboli - his great-grandfather - and now turned into a museum. Maurizio’s workshop is on the premises of the old factory that functioned for over a century, constantly employing the practice of lustreware, a procedure that was kept secret, somehow evoking alchemical processes.

    His activity, as artist and designer, dates back to the early 90s and in all his creations he applies lustre technique to works of contemporary taste, infusing a new energy into an ancient tradition that identifies with his family history.

    His original use of lusterware produces flickering, iridescent effects in an unusual way. Glazes stratify to assume material consistency. Glossy and matt surfaces dynamically intertwine on streaked and lumpy surfaces.

    The element of randomness plays an essential part in his artworks, using such a rigorous technique, linked to extremely precise formulas, in a free and daring way.

    Every artwork is autonomous, belonging at the same time to a general path that requires stable forms in order to give more space to an experimental use of lustre technique.

    Bowls, boxes, vases, jewels, plates, tiles, pumice and lava stones, therefore investigate the decorative and expressive potential of lustreware, where the fairy-tale dimension is often a salient element of his poetics.

    He seems to stare at the world with the enchanted purity of someone observing the mystery of life for the first time. His outlook is pervaded by an ironic lightness that can be considered one of his main features, both as an artist and as a person.


    Artist Biography


    Name and surname: Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli

    Date and place of birth: 7 June 1959, Macerata – Italy

    Workshop: Via Giuseppe Discepoli 16 – 06023 Gualdo Tadino (Perugia) - Italy




    1996/2019: Art exhibitions in various Italian and European venues. Participation, as a speaker, in several national and international conferences related to Italian majolica.

    2006: June. The Città della Ceramica Association (AICC) acquires two of his works permanently exhibited at the International Ceramics Museum of Faenza.

    2007: December. Foundation of the Rubboli Cultural Association for the protection and enhancement of the lustre ceramic technique.

    2010: July. Alan Caiger-Smith visits his workshop in Gualdo Tadino and together they fire an artwork created by the English artist.

    2011: October. His piece The Magic Box of the Golden Frogs is selected by the international commission for Carouge's "La Boite" competition in Geneva.

    2012: June. Group show in Muscat in Oman

    2013: On March 19, he is appointed Ambassador of the Ceramics Cities by the AICC (Association of Ceramic Cities).

    2015: January. Opening of the Rubboli Museum in Gualdo Tadino.

    2016: on 11 March he is appointed Academic of Merit of the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia.

    2016: on June 6, the Cologni Mestieri d'Arte Foundation of Milan awards him as a Master of Arts and Crafts for the Ceramics section.

    2017: January. The Cologni Mestieri d'Arte Foundation of Milan and the Michelangelo Foundation of Geneva invite him to participate in the DOPPIA FIRMA - Craft & Design project with exhibitions in Milan and London.

    2018: September. He is invited, by the Cologni Mestieri d'Arte Foundation of Milan to exhibit his artwork Damask Majolica in the group show HOMO FABER at the Fondazione Cini in Venice.

    2019: October. Admission to the International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva.