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Etty Spindel

Artist's Work


    Work introduction



    In-sight   /ˈin-ˌsīt/


    The power or act of seeing into a situation.

    The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or seeing intuitively. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)


    I see and experience the world through my hands, their movement and imprint on clay, that’s where the insight occurs.  My fingerprints not only create the work but are the work itself.

    Every person has singular fingerprints. This is the most personal datum that exists. As an artist, I seek and dream of leaving my mark. I want each work to be my eternal personal fingerprint.

    Artist Biography

    Born in Mexico, 1962

    Immigrated to Israel in 1986
    B.A. History and Latin American Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    MA in Expressive Art Therapy and Psychology, Lesley College – Israel and EGS- Switzerland

    AIC Member 2019

    Member of the Israeli Ceramic Art Association

    Ceramic Artist since 1999 with own studio


    Solo Exhibitions

    2005 - "Landscapes", Hava Gallery, Holon.
    2004 - "Landscapes" an Installation, Jerusalem Theatre, Jerusalem
    2000 - "The Taste of Life", Shloosh Shloshim Gallery, Tel Aviv


    Group Exhibitions

    2018 – "Woven Together" Jaipur, India

    2018 – "Eye Contact" Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel

    2017 – Cluj International Ceramics Biennale, Romania

    2017 - "How does it feel" Artists House, Tel Aviv

    2016- "The Eighth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. 

    2015 – "Neguia – Touch" Herzelia Municipal Art Gallery

    2014 – Art Works, Munich, Germany
    2012 - Present Your Best, Maribor Synagogue, Slovenia
    2012 - Earth Echoes, Wilfried Museum, Hazorea
    2011 - ReCreating Connections, Treasures of the Wall Museum, Acco

    2010 - Ceramics and Sculpture, Givat Haviva Arts Center
    2008 - "The Fifth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.
    2007 - "Color Latino", The Congress Centre, Haifa.
    2007 - 2nd International Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition, Jingdezhen, China
    2006- "Sculptures", Create a Space, Jerusalem.
    2006 - "Goblets", Shoeva Gallery, Moshav Shoeva.
    2005 - "A Tribute to Palestinian Pottery in Hebron", Ein Harod Museum.
    2000 - "The First Biennale for Israeli Ceramics", Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv.



    Aidashed, Givat Haviva, Israel 2012



    Etty Spindel-Gruner by Monika Gass, New Ceramics, Issue 6/2018

    Le Livre des Artistes Israeliens, La Gazette des Arts, Paris 2008