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Hilda Merom

Artist's Work

Stone Series 3829

    Work introduction

    Years of an on going relationship with movement and music, meditation and Qigong practice and of course my on going learning and experimentation with clay have all culminated into my present work. 

    During MANY  years I have been very much taken by the  PIT AND Saggar firing technique derived ALSO from the ancient Chinese firing method. I feel I am engaging in a dialogue with the clay, a dialogue through which I shape the material but it also shapes me. 

    I am deeply touched by the fact that no matter how much humanity has destroyed whole cultures, there is always something that is going to be left for the next generations, whether in energy or matter
    My work has been influenced by this fact and I find myself creating pieces that hold this energy…  


    It is not the control over the material that fascinate me, but the element of the unknown. It is though the unknown that I connect to the mystery, to a place of awe and curiosity. This too, like the experience of stillness is a deep well of inspiration for me; it is the place from which I drink and thirst to keep evolving within myself and within my art.

    The natural formations in my work hold the elements mentioned above. They are a product of deep listening to the material in order to hear what it is asking of me – in stillness I rest in the vastness of the unknown.

    Hilda Merom

    Artist Biography


    Born in Argentina in 1948, lives in Israel since 1971
    Works and exhibits in ceramics from 1992 until today

    2018- 2019, Invited by Qiong YAO, Sichuan, China government for 6 month artist in residence, lectures and solo exhibition.

    2004 The Israeli Foreign Ministry sponsored the Participation in Art in Residence Program ,Jingdezhen, China,

    slide presentation to the students of the Sculpture Department of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

    2012 - Biennale of Ceramics, Prevelle. France. Personal Invitation sponsored by the Israeli Embassy in France

    2009 Gangjin, South Korea, sponsored by the Israeli Foreign Ministry and Gangjin Exhibition organizers.

    2003 awarded a further bursary in UK as a guest of the Designer Crafts

    Selected Purchased and collections

    Israeli Government Parliament building

    Private collectors in: Germany, Jingdezhen (China), Usa, Sichuan (China) and Israel

    Beit Kahana Museum, Israel.

    Sheparton Art Gallery (Australia)

    QiongYao, China museum (in constraction)
    Museu de Ceràmica de lAlcora, SPAIN.


    2019-  FLOW Solo exhibition. QiongYao archeological Park.

    Sichuan, China

    2017  Cluj International Ceramic Biennale. Romania.

    2016  Resonance . Installation Ceramic ArT Biennial of Ceramics. Eretz Israel Museum. Israel.

    2016- Ceramic Design, Permanent Collection, (Knesset Israeli) Israeli Parliament.
    2014- V International Ceramics Biennale Marratxi, Mallorca SPAIN
    2013- Ceràmica CICA 2013, Museu de Ceràmica de lAlcora, SPAIN.

    2012- Biennale of Ceramics, Prevelle. France .

    2011- 2011 Images  Central PA Festival of the Arts. Robeson Gallery, Penn State University. US.

    2011  Spinning Wave solo Ceramics exhibition. University of Southern California .

    2011- International Chasabal Ceramic Competition  MUNGYEONG TRADITIONAL TEA BOWL FESTIVAL South Korea.

    2010  Union of Opposites. Wilfried Museum, Hazorea. Solo installation exhibition. ISRAEL

    2009  Gangjin International Ceramic Artist Exhibition and Workshop, South Korea.

    2007- Metamorphosis & Rebirth. The 2nd. 2007 China Jingdezhen International Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition. Jiang Xi Province, China.

    2006- Israeli Contemporary Applied Arts Ben Uri Gallery, London, UK.

    2006- International Chawan (Oriental tea ceremony) Exhibition.Japanese Embassy in Belgium

    2004- Infatuation, Sanbao Impressions Jingdezhen, CHINA.

    2003  Altech Ceramics Triennale Cape Town 2003. SOUTH AFRICA

    2000 / 2001 The Israeli Biennial of Ceramics Eretz Israel Museum. ISRAEL

    1999- 1999 Gold Coast International Ceramic AUSTRALIA.

    1998  International Art Show Juried exhibition, Shepparton Art Gallery  AUSTRALIA

    1997  1-2-3 Potters Exhibition Beit Aharon Kahana ISRAEL.

    1995  International Biennial of Ceramics.Aveiro, PORTUGAL.

    1994  Feats of Clay VII Lincoln, California  USA.