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Antra Sinha

Artist's Work

Bowl for Olives

    Work introduction

    Nature fascinates me. When I see nature, I see geometry. I am inspired by the structures that emerge
    and evolve from the micro of the organism to the macro of the universe.
    My work is guided by the material I use. I feel that, in some ways, I am the material that I am
    working with: I am molding clay, yet it is molding me. I feel that my mind, vital and body must work
    in concert in order to manifest the forms, which I then offer to the fire. Then I must surrender to the
    exogenous forces of the cosmos. I am grateful to all the beings that have touched me. It is their
    energies that come together when I create.
    Recently, it is the hexagon that has commanded my attention. I am fascinated by the countless
    examples of six sided shapes, spaces and structures to be found in the natural world. Beehives, the
    molecular structure of benzene, and interlocking basalt columns on the shore of Northern Ireland all
    share six-fold symmetry with the feather like water crystals that we call snowflakes.
    When I first experienced freshly fallen snow in the mountains of Utah, I was enamored. It was
    luminous. I wanted to bring that ethereal beauty into my work. This spawned research into raw
    materials and firing procedures that would allow me to design clay bodies that would approach this
    luminous quality in my work.
    Some of the latest work is designed in 3D renderings software SOLIDWORKS and printed in PLA. Others
    are made using CNC mill to form molds then slip-casted in porcelain. All the while, I continue to
    make work with the age old coil building process, celebrating the linear quality possible and
    intrigued by the parallels between pinched and milled marks.
    Antra Sinha
    Logan UT

    Artist Biography


    Graduated with BFA & MFA from MS University of Baroda in India. I was apprentice to Ray Meeker at Golden Bridge Pottery(GBP), starting 2002, where I worked for a decade. An award from Japan Foundation took me to Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan for six months. I accomplished a large scale sculpture which brought me a commission for a 60 inch sculpture for hotel in India. This was installed in 2011.

    A trip to Australia, when I worked at The Tin Shed Pottery in Launceston and then helped Neil Hoffman in preparation for the pre-conference and WoodFire Tasmania conference in 2011. At the conference I presented a paper about the Golden Bridge Pottery and the first Anagama kiln in India with the title – Anagama in South India. I helped in curation and participated in a group show with Indian Artists works called Continental Drift.

    In 2014 I travelled to Markus Bohm’s studio Muritz Keramik in Germany. Here I helped set up a pre-conference conducted by Chester Nealie. before the 2nd European Wood fire at Guldagergaard, Denmark. Here I presented a paper about my work Tetrarc – making a 5 foot sculpture in India.

    I built my own design of kiln and set up a ceramic studio Earth Art in Pondicherry. Followed by receiving STEM scholarship to join Utah State University for 2 nd MFA.

    Am a member to three ceramic organizations, namely IAC, ISCAEE & NCECA. I have had nine solo exhibitions and several juried and participatory exhibitions in USA, India, Australia, Japan, Germany, Korea & Indonesia. I have assisted several artists at studio’s and conferences and facilitated four workshops at GBP. I have experience in teaching ceramics, drawing and 3D design. I have presented nine times and received thirteen awards. Participated in eleven conferences and three residencies.