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Madhur Sen

Artist's Work

On The Edge

    Work introduction


    Our planet earth is on the edge of climate disaster. Water, which constitutes 70 percent of the world is shrinking and drying up. It is vital to the survival of all living forms of life.


    My art work shows: The shrinking water in earth is making the turtles (who has the longest life span)

    ’On the Edge’. Searching for better home. let’s hope we all find a better world to coexist.   

    This relationship between water, fellow humans and animals is costing us our existence. To try and salvage it is in our hands. Let’s hope for the peaceful world.


    Artist Biography

    Founder:Blue Turtle Studio

    Member of: IAC-AIC (International Academy of Ceramics)

    Member of : ICAA (International Ceramic Artist Association.China)


    Madhur Sen graduated from Delhi College of Arts in 1986 in sculpture.  

    She has participated in many solo and group shows in India and abroad. Her work has been part of various exhibitions and in private collections across the glob like- Argentina, US, China, Japan,Korea,Spain, France, Turkey Thailand and India.

    She taught ceramic art in a design institute for several years. Presently she is working and teaching from her own studio in New Delhi..Where under her guidence new generation of ceramic artists carving their own path.

    She has also curated few very successful National and International Symposiums in India.

    She combines sculpture and pottery  technique to develop new forms of expression. Living forms is her main theme of work.

    Experimenting with newer ways to deploy animal and human forms particularly interests her,  using high temperature safe glazes and slips she tries to find the delicate balance between form and content.