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Ruby Jhunjhunwala

Artist's Work

Fragile Strength

    Work introduction

    This artwork is a compilation of multiple fragile curvaceous forms, connected together to
    create a whole. The two parts of the artwork were built up as one and are literally the yin
    and yang of each other. The artwork was deconstructed and confifined within an imaginary
    cuboidal boundary. The two parts stand upright- together and apart.
    Within the space, each form flflows freely intertwining with one another and yet, feeling
    protected within its own move- ment. The artwork is heavily inflfluenced by texture and
    Despite the feeling of tightness and compression by an external energy, each piece has
    found its own safe space in that confifinement. Within the space is also the contradictory
    feeling of security, despite the strong urge to break free.
    During the process of constructing the artwork, I was exploring the space I had confifined
    myself into - a space as a traditional Indian mother, daughter and wife. Upto the point of
    completion, I began to appreciate the comfort within the boundaries, and the need to step
    beyond to explore my freedom.
    Filled with contradictions the two parts of the work create a transition area, an Ecotone
    where two distinct thoughts and ideas me

    Artist Biography

    Ruby Jhunjhunwala grew up tinkering around glass blowers in her father’s factory in Dholpur (India) and hence developed a natural affinity for glass and Ceramics from a very young age. 
    But the opportunity to look at ceramics asa profession came as a chance meeting with Ceramic artist Daniel Rhodes in the year 1972. 
    She then proceeded to Alfred University as a post grad student where she attended two years of intense training under ceramic masters, her main mentor being the late Daniel Rhodes. On her return to India she further trained under the guidance of master potters Gurucharan Singhji and Mansimran Singhji. Thus began a long and fulfilling career in art ceramics.

    1- Bachelor’s degree in physics Math and Statistics, Ferguson College,Pune, India( 1968- 1971)
    1- Ceramic School, Alfred University, upstate New York. (1971 -1972)
    2- Delhi Blue Art Pottery , Delhi, India (1974) 

    In the last forty years Ruby has designed & executed large ceramic murals for hotels and residences across India. 
    Her work is both monumental in scale and meditative in nature.
    Her creative style is very bold with fluid forms that challenges the viewer to question their definitions of one-ness. 

    “My art proudly wears the fingerprints, cuts, dents as a road map and documentation to my work.” says Ruby Jhunjhunwala.

    Recently she has collaborated with young contemporary artists from all genres. Together they have done large mixed media installations across India.

    Her studio Adipa is an open space for young artists to explore and experiment. Ceramic artists from across the world come to conduct workshops at her studio.
    Three years ago Ruby initiated a movement called “Mutthi- a Fistful of Clay”. The main focus of this movement is to bring about an awareness of inclusion and acceptance of differently abled members of society.