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Rashi Jain

Artist's Work

In Me, a Million Universes Merge

    Work introduction

    My work bridges intuitive thoughts arising within, from deep silence, expresses it in symbols, through the
    experience of the relationship between inner and outer worlds. The sources of inspiration are from nature and
    the interdependent arterial network in the human body, that merge into personifications of figurative
    meditative forms. The journey is finding integration, through anatomical studies, impressions gathered from
    temple architecture and spiritual practices.
    Photography credit for artwork: Nirmal Jai

    Artist Biography


    Rashi Jain has trained in ceramics and visual art at the Valley School, Bangalore and The Golden Bridge Pottery
    (GBP), Pondicherry, India. She has been exhibiting across India; shows such as Porcelain India (India Habitat
    Center, Delhi), Bridges: Indian Contemporary Ceramics (The Stainless, Delhi), Earth Matters (Indo Korean
    Center & Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai), Jeff Shapiro and Friends (Bharat Niwas, Auroville) and Jar of Secrets
    (The Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, solo show). Rashi has recently been invited to show at The Paperclay
    Illuminated, touring across USA until 2021.
    She is a member of the IAC, been awarded the NCECA Multi-cultural fellowship and a scholarship for the Alps
    Art Academy/Land Art symposium, Switzerland. Rashi has been invited to residencies, such as Inko-Lalit Kala
    Akademi and KYTA. She has assisted ceramic artists, such as Peter Thompson, Ray Meeker in Anagama firings
    and kiln building at GBP, and recently worked with Jacques Kaufmann, in creating architectural ceramics at
    The Indian Ceramics Triennale, Jaipur and the Gallery Ark, Baroda.
    Rashi has co-founded the Studio Potters' Market in India and curates markets annually, at The Kalaghoda Arts
    Festival, Mumbai. She works with traditional potter communities and has conducted vocational training
    programmes in Mumbai and the North-East of India. Rashi teaches ceramics widely and from her studio
    Studio Karva in Mumbai since 2004.