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Falguni Bhatt

Artist's Work

Space & Elements

    Work introduction

     I respond best to the theme of space, be it the open sky or, microcosmically, the inner spaces of my mind. I enjoy the containment of two dimensional pieces, as well as the challenge of multidimensional forms. Clay is my    medium and I need look no further to be in touch with my inner core. My works are often spontaneous, always intuitive, and very often a reaction to an architectural language or an organic form.


      I am particularly fascinated by architectural spaces geological references and imprints or fragments that contain within them a sense of nostalgia. Memories and impressions are central to my thought process and the visuals I like    to play with.


    Artist Biography

    As a Sculpture graduate, clay found me in my very first year at college, and Completed Masters degree in Ceramic Sculpture from Baroda in 1999. It’s been over 2 decades since then and I believe I was very fortunate to have found my passion so early on. Years of working n clay has been a wonderful journey with various milestones. Shows, residencies, collaborations, curatorial projects and student interactions have all been opportunities to express myself through ceramics


      My work has been rooted in the coexistence of the old and the new; the conflict of leaving behind the familiar while stepping into unknown territories. Exploring that quiet space between comfort and discomfort and constantly     trying to strike a balance


     My art is a reflection of my training. I have never felt bound by any one medium, and as a result I have no boundaries of form and technique. My art is my reaction to my space and surroundings, each piece mirrors a certain    moment of my existence.