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Ilias Christopoulos

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    Going through many and different stages over the years that I am involved with ceramics, I try to get to know the material as well as myself, who I am and what I want. I am expressed by forms simple, fine, without any decor and intense colors. I like in my work to coexist different clays of color and texture, different surfaces, others clean-quiet, others that have some rhythm written on their bodies, others perforated, others not. All together create something united, coexisting, discussing. All this has to do with the diversity and uniqueness of each person in a society and how one complements the other. I believe in teamwork and when it is staffed by disparate members.

    Artist Biography


    Ilias Christopoulos was born in Kalamata in 1976. He has studied ceramics with Hero-Myrto Maganari and Saimon Hill and at the Ceramics School of the Municipality of Nicaea. He is member of Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and of International Academy of Ceramics. He has won 3 awards and 3 praises at Pan-Hellenic Ceramic Exhibitions. He has conducted 3 solo exhibitions of ceramics in Greece. He has participated in 30 group exhibitions of ceramics in Greece and in 14 abroad, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Denmark and Japan. His works are in private collections in the Municipality of Maroussi, Anetopoulos Museum (Volos), ceramic museums in Slovenia, Hungary and Japan. He has collaborated with the workshops of DEPA Patras, Kalamata, Ioannina and Kyparissia, as well as with the Athens Concert Hall in the training program of the George_Pompidou Center, the Pedagogical Department of the University of Patras, and collaborates with Artistic Centre of Kalamata and Alkioni Association in Nafpaktos . He is founder of Group Ceramists Traces and keeps ceramic workshops at Kalamata and Patras, where he lives and creates.