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Julia Saffer

Artist's Work

Infinity #2

    Work introduction

    My freely hand-built objects stand for the circles of life. They are a symbol for the many repetitions and
    recurring processes which resemble each other and take place comprehensively. This aspect is found
    in the fundamental as well as structural construction of the pieces. Everything is continuous, merging
    and flowing. From beginning to finalization motion is the driving force. Ease, rhythm and continuity play
    a decisive part in my works.
    Hand-built out of very thin spiral stripes the form grows, is extended, circular layer by circular layer,
    without using templates or a mould. The spiral is a symbol for infinite movement, union and harmony.
    Spirals symbolize focusing and centering inward as well as expanding outward. They also stand for the
    unity of reasoning and being, of life and death. Time is a spiral – finite but permanently in motion.
    Furthermore it is the underlying form of all energy and therefore the basis of my work.
    Actually I used a very basic building-technique with coils and “upgraded” it to spirals. I kind of
    modernized it, without using any additional tools and without the need to rework or smooth out the
    surface. Also the use of Terra sigillata is a very traditional and old practice. Together with the use of soft
    colors and lustre, what is most important for the appearance, the surface shows up in a very modern
    and contemporary way.

    Artist Biography

    I was born and grew up in Forchheim, Oberfranken. After graduation from school I started my working life as an electronic technician. I quit my job after almost 10 years in this profession to make my dream from teenage days come true: working with ceramics. I visited the State Technical Collage of Ceramics in Höhr-Grenzhausen to become a ceramic designer. During my graduation year I had the opportunity to do a guest semester at the Institute of Ceramic and Glass Art, in support of the incipient steps on my way as ceramic artist. This was followed by another support year, after graduation, at the State Technical Collage of Ceramics, and I used the opportunity to find and consolidate my position in the world of ceramics. Since then I have been successfully participating in internationally advertised competitions and exhibitions in Germany, Latvia, Croatia, France, Austria, Spain and Korea. Furthermore I have been awarded with several honorable mentions. Since 2016 I have lived and worked in Höhr-Grenzhausen where I hope to successfully continue my chosen path as a ceramicist.


    2019 | Japan und Rheinland-Pfalz, Galerie Handwerk Koblenz (DE)

    100 Jahre Darmstädter Sezession Exhibtion at Porzellanmuseum,Darmstadt, (DE)

    Biennale Internationale de céramique contemporaine Vallauris (FR)

    XIV Bienal Internacional de Cerâmica 2019, Aveiro (ES)

    Farb- und Formwelten, Exhibition Galerie Kunsttraum Dürereck, Nürnberg (DE)

    Jahresausstellung Burg Coraidelstein mit Ayca Riedinger, Klotten (DE)

    2018 | European Ceramic Context 2018, Bornholm (DK)

    2. International Ceramics Biennale Latvia 2018, Daugavpils (LVA)

    "Rheinische Keramik - zeitgenössisch", Stadtmuseum Siegburg (DE)

    Sonderschau TALENTE 2018, München (DE)

    Richard Bampi-Preis 2018, Schloß Fürstenberg (DE)

    4th Int. Ceramics Triennale UNICUM 2018, Ljubljana (SVN)

    "Keramikzentrum Höhr-Grenzhausen" at Galerie Handwerk, München (DE)

    Folgeausstellung Südwestdeut. Keramikpreis 2017, Museum am Markt Karlsruhe (DE)

    2017 | 13. Biennal Internacional de Cerámica, Manises (ES)

    Solo-Ausstellung LoopAmthof-Galerie, Bad Camberg (DE)

    International Triennale of Silicate Arts 2017, Kecskemét (HUN)

    Cluj International Ceramics Biennale 2017, Cluj (ROU)

    1. Südwestdeutscher Keramikpreis, Höhr-Grenzhausen (DE)

    37.CICA Concurs Internacional de Cerámica de lAlcora, Alcora (ES)

    Concours Jeune Céramique 2017, St. Quentin La Poterie (FR)

    Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017, GICB2017, Icheon (KOR)

    "Hommage an das Oberfeld", Gruppenausstellung im Designhaus, Darmstadt (DE)

    2016/ 17 | Ausstellung zum 8. NaSpa-Förderpreis Keramik im KMW Westerwald (DE)

    2016 | Westerwaldceramique contemporaineBliesmühle, Saargemünd (FR)

    Terralha 2016Festival européen céramiquein St. Quentin la Poterie (FR)

    1. Internationalen Keramikbiennale in Lettland, Daugavpils (LVA)

    "Ceramica Multiplex 2016" 5. int. Festival der postmodernen Keramik in Varaždin (HRV)

    2015 | Absolventen-Ausstellung Exponate 2015 zeitgenössische Keramikim Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen (DE)

    Folgeausstellung Exponate 2015 zeitgenössische Keramikim Kammerhofmuseum, Gmunden (AT)


    2017 | Award for artists under 35 "Premi Ciutat de Venessieux" at 13. Int. Ceramics Biennale


    2017 | Honorable Mention Gyenoggi Internationl Ceramics Biennale 2017 "GICB2017" in


    2016 | Honorable Mention 1. Latvia international Ceramics Biennale in Daugavpils/LETTLAND

    2016 | Honorable Mention Ceramica Multiplex 2016, Kerameikon in Varaždin/KROATIEN

    2012 | 1. Preis Kunst-am-Bau-Wettbewerb, Gestalten eines Periodensystems in Keramik für die

    FH Koblenz-Landau


    Icheon World Ceramic Center GICB (KOREA)

    Manises Ceramic Museum, (SPAIN)

    Cluj Ceramics Biennale collection , Cluj-Napoca (ROMANIA)