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Karin Putsch-Grassi

Artist's Work

CUBO III - Figulinae

    Work introduction

    Karin Putsch Grassi’s recent production, her Figulinae series, has two aspects that were evident in her early work in the 1980’s: connections and compressions. The name of this series derives from the Figulinaes, small vases and statuettes, which were produced in great quantity in Figline Valdarno, near Florence, where the artist has lived throughout her working life. Karin Putsch Grassi’s pieces are compositions, created by putting together multiple elements, small thrown forms, to form a new entity. What Karin Putsch Grassi wants to achieve is a tension and interest between the compressed individual elements and the new identity of the connected and compressed form. The act of compression connects a multitude of individual forms. And each piece is unique not just because the individual elements in each object can be different but because the act of creation, through combination and compression, is infinitely variable. The small individual pot forms lose, in an act of artistic pressure, any vestige of function and emerge transformed in a new form as of a work of art.


    Artist Biography

    1960 Born in Wuppertal, Germany

    1986 Master degree “Maestro d’Arte” in ceramics, “Istituto d’Arte Florence”, Italy

    1990 Post graduate diploma in ceramics, “Goldsmiths College London”, University of London

    2011 Invited artist - “International Ceramic Festival”, Aberystwyth, Wales

    2012 First prize - “Rassegna Internazionale di Ceramica Contemporanea”, Albissola Marina, Italy

    2013 “Arte Ceramica oggi in Italia”, Villa Necchi, Milano, Italy

    2014 ʺKeramik Europas”, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany

    2015 Artist in residence - Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan

    2016 Personal exhibition -“Kyoto - Firenze Twining”, Gallery Kyoto Ceramic Association, Kyoto, Japan  

              “Martinsons Award”, Latvia International Ceramics Biennale, Daugavpils, Latvia

    2017 Invited artist -“International Ceramic Art Festival”, Sasama, Japan

              “XIII Bienal de Cerámica Artística” Aveiro, Portugal

              “Cluj Ceramics Biennale”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    2018 Coverstory - La Ceramica Moderna & Antica (Ed.), Connessioni e Compressioni, Misterbianco, Italy

             “Porzellanbiennale”, Albrechtsburg,  Meissen, Germany

             “Primedicopertina”, Pinacoteca Comunale, Faenza, Italy

    2019 “International Women Ceramist Festival”, Woljeon Museum of Art Icheon, South Korea           

              Member of the International Academy of Ceramics

    2020 Opening of the new ceramic studio and gallery, “La Casina” in Figline Valdarno, Tuscany, Italy



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