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Patricia Cassone

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    “painter with fire in Anagama wood kiln”


    The source of my artistic inspiration comes definitely from Asia, particularly in my wish to “serve tea”. I feel the same pleasure when creating tea bowls and cups as the spiritual state that one feels and shares during a Tea Ceremony.


    Most of my pieces are turned on the wheel, generally shaped, sculpted, cut out with tools which I created for my own use. I do hope they don’t only have a body but also a soul which is my main concern.


    I ‘m focussing on painting my works with the help of the fire in my Anagama kiln.


    This presented teabowl is my personal vision

    of the traditional japanese tea bowl BAIJO HAI, which the samourais, standing on the horse, drank a last tea before going to fight. It’s made with directly porcelain fired without glaze, neither engobe or stain and the blue color depends solely on the unique fusion and the quality of the wood ashes produced during the firing and the conduction of the wood firing.

    Artist Biography



    For 30 years, the process of wood firing has been fulfilling her ceramist artistic life.

    Born in 1959 in Provence, she decided to move to a wild and peaceful place surrounded by woods located near to Limoges, world famous for its fine porcelain.

    Numerous residencies in Japan, and Asian potters‘ friends changed the course of her life. For then, she has been practicing Shino, Oribe and Yakishime (natural ash glaze), the creative touchstone of her potter’s life.


    Her work has two directions: shino and porcelain tea ware and sculptures centered on the theme of Trees, both wood fired during 4 or 5 days in her Anagama woodkiln (direct flame).

    She produce her original stoneware’s clay by mixing clays with wild feldspars and sands which she collect in the countryside surrounding her studio.


    In 2005, she was invited to spend six months in artist residency in Tokoname, Japan, an illustrious city of ceramics for centuries. His works are featured in nine exhibitions across the country, including an exhibition at the Seto Art Museum during the Aichi Expo 2005.

    Since 2011, she has been regularly invited to the Tea Bowl Festival in Mungyeong, South Korea, an International Tea festival.


    Her works are in the collections of the Mungyeong Museum, the Inax Museum in Tokoname in Japan, and the new Posio Museum in Finland.

    Respected by ceramic masters and fine collectors of Asia, the Frenchwoman is hailed as one of their own.


    Among other outstanding exhibitions…

    2012 “Around Tea” Galerie Tenri, Paris

    2012 Solo exhibition “8 in Jaffa” Tel Aviv, Israel

    2013 “Chawan” Kaohsiung, Taiwan

    2013 A-So Gallery, Daegu, South Korea

    2014 Biennale de Sèvres, France

    2014 International Chawan, Singapore

    2015 Master Expo, Tennessee, United States

    2016 Gallery Yuragi, Kyoto, Japan

    2016 Sculptures, Grand Palais, Paris

    2017 Symposium and exhibition, A.C.C. Finland

    2018 Dokenzaka Gallery, Tokoname, Japan

    2019 Terralha, St Quentin La Poterie, France