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Mari Paikkari

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    To me working with clay is a continuous dialogue between myself and the material. Working with clay and ceramics is always different, depending if the material is wet, dry, biscuit fired or high fired. Clay and ceramics can be crafted in all of these states, and our dialogue goes on until I feel that the object has found its true shape and appearance. 

    Artist Biography


    I graduated as a Master of Arts from Product and Spatial Desing program (Aalto University, Finland) and Bachelor of ceramic art (Taik, Finland), as well as environmental design engineer (UAS, Finland). I have also completed two years Minor studies Academy of Fine Arts sculpture department. 

    I work professionally and full time as an artist and designer. I live in Helsinki, Finland and my studio is located in Kerava, part of an artist community of 20 people. 

    Celected exhibitions:
    2018 “European Ceramic Context – Curated”, Bornholm, Denmark
    2018 “Kave kuun kehältä päästi”, a performance combines classical music and porcelain artwork, Kamppi Chapel, Helsinki, FI
    2016 “Behind the Seen”, Finnish and German ceramic art, Porvoo Art Hall, Porvoo, FI
    2014 ”International Porcelain Competition of Limoges”, Ville de Limoges, France 
    2013 ”Samasta – teoksia monista osista”, Gallery of Arabia, Helsinki, FI
    2013 58’ Premio Faenza – International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic art, Italy