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Zhou Xuan

Artist's Work

The Sound of the Wind

    Work introduction

    I create my own artistic world by expressing the connections between nature and self-consciousness. I use the throwing shape as base to make mountain figure to be the foundation of the pieces, then, developed and enriched the details of natural elements by hand building, sculpting etc., Furthermore, after the wood fire, the color and the texture come to be more like Chinese ink-wash painting. In this way, I built an imaginary beyond the realistic world and made a dialogue between my mind and nature.

    Artist Biography


    Academic Qualifications

    2002-2005    MA in Ceramic Sculpture, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

      2012-2013    Visiting Scholar, support by CSC (China Scholarship Council)    

    Travel / research at Australia national University

    2019-           PHD in Aesthetic of Philosophy, WuHan University


    Grants and Awards

    2012    Excellence Award, Colleges & Universities Educational technical

               Achievements Competitions, Jilin Province

    2008    Excellence Award, 2008 Olympic China Landscape Sculpture

               Designs Competition

    2003    Excellence Award, Second Chinese Ceramic Art Works Exhibition.


    Competition & Exhibitions

    2019   Across the Pacific: International Cultural Exchange Week Exhibition,

              Palo Alto Art Center, USA

    2018   Wuhan International Ceramics Exhibition, China

              2nd May Flower-China Female Ceramist Exhibition, China

    2016   1st May Flower-China Female Ceramist Exhibition, China

    2014   Clay bodies Ceramix, Canberra, Australia

              The 8th China Handcrafts Art School Exhibition, China

              TihuGuanding-2014 International Pot Art Exhibition, China

    2013   China-DongYing Sculpture Art Competition, China

    2012   The First China Foshan International city sculpture exhibition  

    2009   The 11th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, China

    2007   International Ceramic Design Exchange Exhibition, Korea

              Harmonious but Diverse China Contemporary Nominated Sculpture Exhibition

    2006   China-East Ally Youth Work of Art Creation Competition

              The Second China Modern Arts and Crafts Exhibition

              The first China Ceramic Arts New Show Exhibition


    Solo Exhibitions

     2017   Ware& Figure, Hong Kong Lotus Palace Art Centre, Wuhan, China

     2013   Oriental Dream, ANU School of Art Library, Australia National University,

               Canberra, Australia, October 10


    Guest Lectures and Demonstrations

    2019      Palo Alto Art Center, California, USA

    2015-2019:  Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China



    2016-2018: The Aesthetics/ Fine Arts-Hubei Esthetic Annual Conference

    2003-2017: The 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th China Changchun World Sculpture Conference


    Professional memberships

    IAC (International Academy of Ceramics)

    China Sculpture Academy

    Changchun City Sculpture Academy (council member)