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Yang Zhi

Artist's Work


    Work introduction

    The water taste of clay lies in its softness, which is the nature of clay. The combination of water and clay advocates softness, rendering a delicate style. The contact between hand and clay is necessary to create a handmade product, endowing ceramic works shaped by means of hands and tools with different morphological characteristics. Mastering the nature of clay is a technical practice essential to skilled creators of good clay works with their hands. For a long time, ceramic creation and throwing have stepped to be accustomed to the unique dry and wet and morphological characteristics of clay. The accumulation of such experience is improving the contact relationship between hands and clay, flexible and full of tension. The water taste of clay is the whole process of our acceptance, enjoyment and baptism of ceramic materials. Outstanding practitioners preserve the water taste of clay in practice and maintain the material characteristics of clay to the final stage of creation. Water is a spirit, soft but firm. The control and guess of such practice are a must for each ceramic creator.

    Artist Biography

    Yang Zhi

    Born in Xi County, Henan Province in 1977. Member of UNESCO International Academy of Ceramics and China Artists Association. Associate professor and doctor at Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. Graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute (with a bachelor’s degree) in 2001, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts (with a master’s degree) in 2006, and Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts (with a doctor’s degree) in 2016. Special contributor of Ceramic Art (Taiwan, China). Art director of New Ceramic Art Website at Visiting professor of Huanghe Science & Technology College, Quanzhou Ceramic Vocational College, and Shaanxi Technical College of Finance & Economics. Skilled at creating ceramic and ink works. His works have been displayed at the Invitation Exhibition of Works in Paris, Western France, Croatia Postmodern International Ceramic Art Exhibition, the 11th National Art Exhibition, etc.; now collected in Fule International Ceramic Art Museum, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Yantai Art Museum, China Ethnic Museum, Songjiang Calligraphy and Painting Institute, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Museum, Tao Xingzhi Memorial Museum, Ningbo Art Museum, Croatia Ceramics Association, Changchun International Ceramic Art Museum, etc.